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Snack Time at Cosa Buona, Los Angeles

Briefest of Overviews Food & Pricing: A small, but not overly so Italian menu. Smaller plates, a few salads and pizzas. – There is nothing Vegan specific on the menu but with the ingredients in house I am sure they can accommodate you. – Small plates are mostly under 10.00 and everything else is around the… Continue reading Snack Time at Cosa Buona, Los Angeles

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LAX on a Budget – Pepe’s

Briefest of Overviews: Food & Pricing: You can get a burger for 2.69! And for the price the food is decent for sure. Parking: Tiny shopping center (Centinela) shared with a liquor store and I think another business. There may be like 5 or 6 spots in the whole place. Definitely a downside, but I enjoy Pepe’s… Continue reading LAX on a Budget – Pepe’s

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Egg Slut Quicke – Beverly Hills Area

Briefest of Overviews Food & Pricing: Very limited fast casual menu, so not pricey at all, particularly for the area.- Though the menu is small, they do what they do very well. Downside, while vegetarian friendly, not really accommodating for vegans. Parking: Garage Patio: Nope, the restaurant itself is quite small, maybe a bit smaller… Continue reading Egg Slut Quicke – Beverly Hills Area

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Sqirl – Los Angeles – Hell Yeaaaahhhh

Food & Pricing: Eh, fair for the food, no doubts on that… But do not expect a greasy spoon priced breakfast either – remember you get what you pay for folks! Keep in mind however, after waiting in line, after walking to the eatery from where you parked in the heat; a perfectly brewed and lightly… Continue reading Sqirl – Los Angeles – Hell Yeaaaahhhh