Hello, I’m Niomi and welcome to Carnivores and Vegans.


A Houston based lifestyle and food blog in a mixed diet household. We review multiple venues, products, and events, in addition to restaurants & recipes for both carnivorous and vegan/vegetarian diets.

I actually do not get to go food or dine out often, and when I do, my companions and I typically find ourselves under-whelmed at how the menus items sound great in concept but fail in execution. – There also tends to be a very limited options for vegans and vegetarians, so I thought reviewing the few items available, as well as our overall mixed dining experience may be helpful to my fellow veggie Houstonians out there. As well as their meat eating counterparts. Cleanliness and service can also be an issue at many places, so we touch on that as well.

We do also try to catch a lot of shows (throwback rap/hip hop mostly TBH, no pop or country here!), and local events, and will review the experience as well as the venue, and any food/beverages offered.

A little about me, I myself have been vegetarian for going on 14 years now. – I do try to eat vegan often as well, though my willpower at avoiding butter and dairy is pretty non existent, so probably not as often I should. – I don’t know any other vegetarians, so finding a place to eat that both myself and my meat eating dining companions can both go to enjoy a top notch meal is quite the challenge and has certainly been an adventure.

I have been in the food service industry since 1999, my dining companions have logged about that many hours also, so we can be very particular when it comes down to it. We look at everything from the host staff, bar staff and beverage quality, food quality and plating, table service, timing of service food/beverage/staff, and how clean the establishment is, down to the windows and décor.

We may also at times review the city itself. The H is beautiful and amazing, I truly cannot get enough of our parks, green areas and local businesses. Not to mention some of the striking architecture and local art, so expect some of that too. 🙂

Hopefully you find our life experiences useful or interesting in some way, feel free to drop us a line at anytime,  we would love to hear from our fellow local Houstonians and out of towners alike.