Yurt, Yurt, Yurt it Up Y’all – A Stay in the Tehachapi Mountains

So it is not every day that I get to say Y’all and Yurt in the the same sentence and I am diggin it not gonna lie. – Real talk, I could use some of that Yurt life right now.


I mean views like this are all you get really. – Fresh mountain air, the sound of quail in the morning. (If the sound of quail waking you at the ass crack of dawn is an inconvenience, yurtin’ it up in the Tehachapi Mountains is not the trip for you.)

Going up the mountain was intense, GPS did not work well, luckily our host provided exact turns… If you follow GPS only (When it is even available) you will often dead end onto Private Property. My guess is navigation has not been updated with the sale of these properties from public to private. Some of the roads themselves are pretty treacherous, and having to do a 3 point turn on the edge of a mountain is nerve wracking and dangerous. Trust us we know.

m1 (1)



Narrow and dangerous or not, the ride up and down the mountain yielded fresh air and spectacular views. – Eventually we made it, and settled in.



I quickly became obsessed with the herb garden and small rustic kitchen that I was kindly given all access to by our host. – Cocktails happened immediately.



I have no clue what we ate for dinner that night honestly, perhaps random bits of things from Whole Foods. – We stopped for supplies in Santa Clarita, approx 1.5 hours out, that would be the last outpost for bougie stuff between the LA and the Techachapi areas.

We hiked around the area of the yurt a bit, rested and gazed at the stars. I do not think it is a “Star Park” area, but I have never seen the stars so clearly or seen such a vast amount of them at once in the big city livin I am accustomed to. I wish I could attach an image of that, but I do not have a phone or camera with the capabilities to capture such majesty.

The next morning it was more drinks and breakfast. – The host left us farm eggs and cream from the area, there was bread and butter in the fridge and all the herbs a girl could dream for, so I got to cooking.




We decided to call this Sunrise on the Mountain. – Organic Fresh Strawberry + Lemon, Chai Tea, and Muddled Rosemary with Vodka. Topped with Club Soda and Rosemary Flower Garnish. – Then it was time to get cookin.





I will say it for you, “My knife skills suck” – Now that that is out of the way, the only items that we brought to the table ourselves was the nuts, the arugula that we got at WF as well as the lemon and then the pickled jalapeno and carrot and the fresh radish slices. (The latter items got thrown in the cooler from our Pepe’s stop in LA.)

Now that all was prepped we turned on the throwback little stove and oven and I got to the actual cooking.





And for the end result:



And don’t forget to compost! Something I have never done on vacation prior to this, I mean how does one do that a hotel ya know?


And then for the remainder of our time there it was more food, drinks, and mountain. Never even turned on the T.V. (Which is actually not something we usually go without.)




Not bad for porch views! It would be nice if the pine trees were trimmed up a bit, but still pretty amazing.

I have had some horrible experiences via AirBnB but this one was a real winner.

Off to Vegas!



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