Vegetarian Friendly

Snack Time at Cosa Buona, Los Angeles

Briefest of Overviews

Food & Pricing: A small, but not overly so Italian menu. Smaller plates, a few salads and pizzas. – There is nothing Vegan specific on the menu but with the ingredients in house I am sure they can accommodate you. – Small plates are mostly under 10.00 and everything else is around the 12.00-15.00 range.

Parking: Nope!

Patio: Also no from what I can recall. – It is more a “cozy” space.

Service and Cleanliness: The girls waiting on us seemed so young! And were tied up with side work and such since it was near lunch closing. However, they were attentive and kind none the less. – The small space was streamline and clean.

Take out: We did not get anything to go, but they offer Pizza, so I am going to say that they can do take away items.

Now on to the Review:

We left our 1 day in Beverly Hills/LAX area after a breakfast of Eggslut and a a snack sized lunch at Cosa Buona to head out to the Tehachapi Mountains (way up further than I thought); to stay in a Yurt. – Staying in a Yurt was not at all planned, in fact, we were going to do wine country (something that I have never done) and then off to my beloved Vegas. – I have a very hate/love, for sure more heavy on the hate, relationship with AirBnB. Josh and I were looking into Sonoma / Napa area hosts, and somehow panned the map out far enough to where there was this little blip of a property in the middle of nowhere Cali, between LAX and LAS to where it was worth clicking on. Turned out to be one of their “Unique Experiences” or what not, don’t quote me. At a fairly affordable 140.00 a night, tiny cleaning fee and the remote yet accessible from LAX and in the right direction location; staying in a Yurt seemed kismet. – So there we went, one night in Bev Hills, 3 in Techachapi and 5 in Vegas.


So back to leaving Los Angeles and grabbing a quick bite at Cosa Buona. – No Parking! – It may have been more ridiculous to find a place to park here than at Sqirl for sure! But again worth it! Why you ask? – I am struggling to go vegan, have for a long time now. Butter being my favorite food and Mozzarella Sticks coming in second, makes it REALLY hard for me. I feel terrible eating that stuff, and I am trying to break the addiction. – **** But I saw an article that Cosa Buona had Smoked Mozzarella Sticks and we needed a snack before leaving town, so it was a no brainer to make CB our last stop. – Does anyone else to think Chalupa Batman when seeing CB? – I swear The League may be the worlds must underrated show.


We had Garlic Bread (4.00) of course, if you are going to go down, do it right and go down in damn flames. It was kinda weird though, it had a reddish paste that I honestly cannot describe, and the garlic flavor was not prominent vs the buttery herb infused garlic heavy spread that I am accustomed to. – That being said, it was fat slathered onto carbs, you are damn right we ate it all, be happy that we didn’t lick the plate.


We ordered the simple Green Salad (9.00 – Market Lettuces, Radish, Onion, Shaved Parm) to balance things out, very lightly dressed, some umami from the cheese on a bed of butter lettuces and a bit of onion and radish. I prefer the comforting flavors of deep fried junk to salad obviously, but it was quite good and a nice light counterpoint to the less healthy items.


And then there was the Smokey Mozzarella Sticks themselves. (12.00)- While the smoked flavor in the cheese was not as prominent as I was hoping for, but there were still delicious. – We had a crispy California Rose to wash it all down.


As noted parking did suck, we parked a ways away near a school. – Like a lot of the buildings in LA there was some pretty cool wall art there too.

Hopefully I will get to go to CB again and try some of the other items on the menu next time. (In addition to another order of mozzarella sticks.)

Until next time,



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