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LAX on a Budget – Pepe’s

Briefest of Overviews:

Food & Pricing: You can get a burger for 2.69! And for the price the food is decent for sure.

Parking: Tiny shopping center (Centinela) shared with a liquor store and I think another business. There may be like 5 or 6 spots in the whole place. Definitely a downside, but I enjoy Pepe’s when I go to Los Angeles and this was my first time trying this location, we got lucky and were able to snag a spot.

Patio: N/A for the most part, there is one table outside. – Think hole in the wall kind of location.

Service and Cleanliness: The small Front of House area was neat and clean, the ladies and gentleman attending to us were very nice.

Take out: Available (That’s all we got), standard Styrofoam to go packaging.

Now on to the review:


Aside from serving super affordable legit AF Mexican food, I love that they will put a Chile Relleno in a Taco or a Burrito. So when we needed a fast cheap bite for a nighttime snack; Pepe’s was there to save the day.

This location had a cool little flavor station to stock up on items like jalapenos and a bit of pickled veg or fresh radish to compliment the meal which I enjoyed.



I opted for the Cheese Filled Chile Relleno Burrito (w/ Rice & Beans) – Above – A decent size for 4.99. It would have been perfect except for a few pieces of rogue jalapeno in the pico de gallo that could have melted metal. As of lover of spicy food, I had to sadly tap out at half the burrito.


Josh got the Chile Relleno, Enchilada combo for 8.59 – Above – It looked like a hot mess from sliding around, but he seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. His was spicy too, but not unbearably so. – We also added Chips, Salsa, Guac. – Those items were just okay.

I look forward to having Pepe’s again hopefully soon and not getting burned by my burrito. Well, here’s to hoping anyway.

Nighty Night folks!


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