Beverly Hills, That’s Where I Want to Be

So Josh and I went on a 9 day trip recently. – It even sounds surreal to say honestly, I feel very fortunate to have been able to step away that long.

We only spent one day in the Los Angeles area of California; a small Airbnb in the Beverly Hills / Santa Monica Area. – I have been to lovely California a few times, but had never ventured to those areas so I enjoyed my short stint there.

We rented a Jeep from Fox Rental Cars for a great value, a big rugged one as we were headed to the mountains to stay in a yurt next and rocked on.


journey begins

Lots of classic Cali traffic behind me.


But the deep blue sky with zero clouds was well worth it. It was raining in Houston. – Dont worry we got ours with 120 degree heat indexes in Las Vegas later on into the trip.


We got to briefly enjoy Santa Monica Beach.



But the area that we were in was not exactly serene at that moment (not that the area near a pier should be I suppose) and we moved on to the the lovely park across the street.


SMB6 (1)

What an awesome back story to a park! – BTW the scooter was not ours, there were quite a few discarded in places.


smbs 7

smbs 2

SMB Sunset


There were some amazing views facing Santa Monica Blvd and the beach from these cool alcoves in the park.

And of course, we stopped by the iconic Beverly Hills sign for a brief photo op after early morning Egg Slut, any later than that and the sign draws quite a large crowd.



All in all I look forward to spending time in the area again,

Ciao for now,


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