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Good Dog Hot Dogs – Again! ** Updated

Sue me okay? My dogs and I freakin love it here. (It may be my favorite place in Houston to eat) The staff since the food truck days have always been beyond friendly and the hot dogs are the (Yeah I just said that) – Vegans bring your buns and have the cashier guide you to the right choices.

GD pups

Here are “The good 2” of my 3 active dogs trying to figure out to shuffle around for the limited and coveted shade in this Texas heat. – Do not worry they figured it out quickly and were shaded with LOTS of water and we ordered a fried egg for each of them.

I finally got around to trying the Cauliflower Hummus here, it has a bit of White Bean blended in also.


Loved the crudites, thought the shredded green beans were a bit weird though. – The hummus tasted really close to the chickpea version, however, there was maybe 3.5 ounces of it tops for a shared plate and all those veggies and then the bread slices. The cup smack in the center of the hummus was also inconvenient for the diner though lovely on presentation. I enjoyed it, but definitely wished for a bit more hummus.

On to the hot dogs, I confess I forgot to take a picture of the below Picnic Dog before I engulfed like half of it :/



We got it with a veggie dog and the chorizo chili on the side so Dru and I could split it.

Next out was the Special of the day, where have you been all my life, Fried Pickle Dog. So yeah, add to cart, veggie dog please.


So Good Dog is not scared to go full on Fresh Dill, and for that I that I thank you Good Dog! I already add mixed greens to anything I can, so thank you again there too. Fried Pickles and a Creamy sauce to top it all off and I really, really, did not want to share this one.

See you again soon Good Dog!

** Update **

So I was off about 10 freakin days on when our “Bad Dog” (Is there really such a thing?) got out of his 21 Day Immersion Training at Sit Means Sit…. Extreme to me based on any other animal I’ve ever owned, but Hash has put me in the hospital twice (I got mauled breaking up dog fights, Hash is a beast), so it was time for something extreme. I cannot, will not, EVER give up on one of my pets if there is something else to try.

SMS is minutes away from Good Dog and it seemed more than appropriate to take our new graduate there to celebrate. So 2 days later we were back at Good Dog, it was evening on the side patio, the lighting was not great and we were giddy to have our baby back so the pics are not my best. – And SMS was / is / will continue to be a life changer. For the first time in the 3 years since we rescued Hash and his brother Rafi (Rafi is the red dog in the photo above) we were able to take Hash to a public place where they may be other people and dogs present! No exaggerations, literally the first time in 3 years where he was not a danger to the public. Who knows what he and Raffles went through before they spent MONTHS separated at Alvin Animal Control and made it to me, but screw whomever scarred them the way they did.

gd22 (1)

My handsome man, Hash looking happy to see the food hit, we got him a fried egg topped with bacon. Love you buddy.


Fried Pickle Jar – Sorry bout the crappy lighting and gross napkin in the background, staging yes I’ve heard about it. – The Pickle Jar went down hard anyway.

E1 (1)

Dog of the Day – Elote dog, w/ Veg dog – What????? I grew up by the Fiesta on Quitman and Fulton and used to get Elotes after school all the damn time, I was a chubbers, so sometimes I got 2! Mayonesa, Crema, Tajin, Lemon Pepper, Lime – All that shit! I really was happy to see this option, my brown ass could have use more Lime and Chile but not bad at all! I could have happily ordered two 🙂

gd6 (1)

Josh got the Texican – And ate half of it before I could snap a pic, sans veggie dog as you can see the bacon. (Hash stole some of that bacon too)

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