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Cleopatra’s Salad

Starting out as a pretty plain canvas of hummus I set out to create a Salad worthy of such a regal queen. This was only prototype edition, so forgive me any imperfections, of which I am sure that there are many.

Cleo Hummus Canvas

I lightly dusted the hummus with Smoked Paprika and a fruity EVOO, wishing I had some Zaatar to sprinkle onto that.

I then added Organic Mixed Greens Tossed into a green fig / honey champagne vinaigrette. (I accidentally overdressed them a bit TBH)

Next on, chopped dried dates + apricots, toasted coconut slices, slivers of olives, walnuts, & air popped sorghum. (What did Cleopatra eat? – I imagine sorghum was in there somewhere).


Garnished with a split green fig half and flowers from the garden (the ones this 100 degree heat wave has not as yet destroyed) the salad did not come out half bad.

The salad is *almost* vegan, it depends on your views on honey, which I included because it seemed very Cleopatra-like, but I imagine any sweetener would work for the dressing.

It ended up getting topped with Shrimp for Josh as he was my test subject and would not have eaten it plain.


He detests olives (and hummus for that matter) and only an olive sliver or two remained, so I guess I get to feel victorious!



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