Mr. Mamas – Another Quickie Review

Mr. Mamas is another breakfast and lunch spot that is off of the stip in Las Vegas. – And it certainly will put a smile on your face.

If you are looking for excellently prepared comforting breakfast classics this is the right spot. – Popular with both locals and tourists, you can also expect to see the same efficient staff time and time again. Located in a shopping center, there is plenty of parking.

Both times I have been here I have had the Eggs Benedict Florentine. – 2 poached eggs with grilled tomatoes and spinach on an english muffin and topped with hollandaise sauce, black olives, and paprika

Mr. M2 (1)

 They actually ask you what doneness you would like your eggs poached here, and then correctly poach them. – I wish that happened every time I order benedict dishes. – You can get the potatoes w/o the onions and peppers, but why not add them for a small fee? I love that they give you enough potatoes to give you a heart attack 🙂 I ate them ALL. The dish itself is pretty self explanatory and I have enjoyed it each time.

Dru had the “Choice of Meat and Eggs” – with Sausage Patties, Rye Toast, Hashbrown Potatoes, and an added Pancake. 

Mr 1 (1)

That jerk devoured the hash brown so fast I barely got a bite in, everything else shortly followed except the pancake I tried to talk him out of getting. The hash brown had the perfect crusty outside and fluffy inside. Restaurant pancakes just don’t do it for me. There is typically nothing special about the pancake itself, and the butter and syrup cannot hold a candle to the quality used at home. It was definitely the last runner up at breakfast.

Mr. Mamas is a guarantee for me when I pop into town again.

Ciao – N

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