Zenaida’s Cafe – Las Vegas

Zenaida’s may the strongest driving force for my most recent trip to Vegas. – They are famous for the Biscuits and Gravy, as well as their frosted cinnamon roll. – They are in a shopping center off Tropicana and Pecos, aways from the strip in a more Latino side of town.

z2 (1)

They are only open for breakfast and lunch, and while the setting is far from glamorous, there is ample parking and the restaurant itself is quite nice if a bit on the small side. – They are also closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so plan accordingly! Expect a bit of a wait at peak times such as Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Dru had the very un-vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy, he really enjoyed it, melt in your mouth biscuits, perfectly cooked eggs, link sausage, savory gravy. If you are a meat eater, what is there not to like?

I have never had the pleasure of trying the cinnamon roll, decadently iced in cream cheese frosting and crowned with berries, I am sure it is wonderful. I alas, save my sweet tooth calories for Bouchon baked goods, TKO anyone?

z1 (1)

The fried zucchini is exactly that, it is something that I get anywhere that has it, and it disappeared very quickly.  Freshly battered and not pre-frozen in case you are wondering.

z3 (1)

And of course, the dish I went back for, the Vegan Tofu Scramble. – The first time I got this I was there for breakfast and was expecting a tofu based “egg-like” dish (IDK, with like tortillas and such). – I was pleasantly surprised with the jasmine fried rice that I received instead – Sooooooo good! They have other vegan/vegetarian items, but this is all that I have gotten. I usually eat like a rabid coyote, but I was so happy to eat this again I savored every bite and was a bit bummed after we had finished the leftovers the next day. Dru actually really enjoyed this dish as well and toted it as one of his favorites for the entire trip.

z5 (1)

They even surprised us with freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies at the end of the meal (not vegan), they were warm gooey and soft. They chef, as seems to be customary, stopped by each and every table in the restaurant when he had a break from cooking.

If you find yourself in Vegas, and it is not Monday or Tuesday, I highly recommend a stop here, try the cinnamon roll for me!

  • N

** Also in this parking lot is Taco Y Taco, the outside is not pretty to look at, but if you want some super budget friendly, legit AF Mexican food look no further.

Al Pastor sliced fresh off the spit, check. – Soyrizo for the vegans, check. – Freshly rolled burritos, or made to order burrito bowls, check. – All your other Mexican favorites, check.


The al Pastor are on the left, and the build your own veggie tacos are on the right, lettuce, pico, soyrizo, avocado, and crema. The nice lady making my tacos was quick to point out that the crema is not vegan, I loved how they were looking out for stuff like that! – I got the Mexican rice to accompany, but they also have cilantro lime rice as well.

They have different lines to order certain things from, there is a seafood line, a line for veggie items and such, a line for other proteins, it threw me off when I first walked in, but it is easy to figure out.

We had taken them togo to enjoy them from our suite at the Wynn and gaze at the mountains and lights from the stip. Which was lovely (believe me I am not complaining), but the tacos would have been so much better there and not this cold, sad, and smushed state. – Looking very forward to doing right the next time and eat them there.


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