Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant – Las Vegas

Oh dear sweet Vegas, Chef Kenny’s is one of the many reasons that I wish that I was still there. – I was just talking to Josh about how I could not eat my way through LAS if I tried. It is surely a vegans, and definitely a vegetarian’s paradise.

They are in the Chinatown area of Vegas, not too far from the strip, maybe 20 min from what I remember. – They are a small restaurant next to a Korean Bar-B-Q in a strip center w/ ample parking. Be prepared to possibly wait 15-20 min or more due to the small size.

chef k (1)

This is a new find for me, but I am desperate to go back and have the best sushi that I have ever had! I got the sampler, that was one of every Nigiri option + my choice of 1 roll. I chose the spicy Tuna, likely does not quite taste like tuna, but I would not know. It certainly had the look and whimsy of a Spicy Tuna Roll and looked similar to what I served at RA and have seen others dine on at various sushi joints.

won ton (1)

We also got the Wontons, fried light and crisp, filled with minced veggies and served with that brightly colored sauce that we all hate to love, these disappeared like magic.

vegan meat (1)

There was also the BBQ Veggie Meat, half of it was enough for the 2 of us with the other items that we had ordered. – It was good don’t get me wrong, however, a bed of crispy rice noodles and/or some lettuce cups to enjoy them with would have been awesome.

fish (1)

Last up, the Vegan Chilean Sea Bass with Chef’s Sauce. – Honestly there is really no way to explain this, not in texture and taste, you may have had a similar dish at a local Asian Vegan restaurant at some point. Dru hated it and referred to it as “weird fish” – It was the only item geared toward vegans/vegetarians the whole trip he had an issue with. I kinda knew what to expect so I didn’t mind it too much, but likely would try something else next time. – Ironically, the Vegan Sushi was one of his favorite meals the entire trip. (Understandably so, it really was delicious)



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