Tacotarian – Las Vegas

I can’t say this enough, I love Las Vegas. – I haven’t blogged in a year, but the culinary delights of my favorite home away from home were enough to force me to squeeze the time in to sing their praises. – I took less (and crappier) photos than I normally would this whole trip in the haste to stuff my face, so forgive me for the lack of images.

Tacotarian is about 25-30 min away from the strip, which typically works for me since I rent a vehicle while I am in town, and the strip these days has VERY limited free parking. They have a slew of vegan tacos, complete w/ vegan cheeses and sauces.

Think your favorite taco shop and the options they have, but 100% vegan! Agua Frescas, including horchata are even available and free w/ a Yelp check in.

We started w/ the Nachos – House Nacho Cheese, Chilli, Guac, Crema, Pickled Jalapenos. They also topped it w/ pico. – These were a nice fun app, and a good portion for 3-4 people to share before crushing a round of tacos. – They were a bit too much for me and Dru before stuffing our faces w/ 2 tacos each.

milanesa (1)

They appear to put the tacos in baskets, 3 tacos per basket max. This little Chicken Milanesa Taco (above) was the odd man out. – (Gardein Tender, Lettuce, Chili Lime Mayo, Queso Fresco, Pico) – Not a bad taco at all, tiny tho! They use a Gardein Chicken tender, they are super small so the taco was not filling at for 2.99 – A second tender would have made it a better bang for your buck.

other tacos (1)

  • Al Pastor (on the left) – Avocado Cream, Pineapple, Pico, Salsa Mortita – Really enjoyed this one, lets face it, not the same at all as pork sliced fresh off a spit, but the right flavors and seasonings to add the whimsy of the classic taco dish to a vegan diet.
  • Carne Asada (in the middle) – Guac and Pico – All the tacos are small, but this one was only 2.50 and very reminiscent of a classic beef fajita taco – This was a good choice. – Not listed on the menu, but it also got a light sprinkle of queso fresco.
  • The Grande (on the right)This a basically a classic crispy beef taco w/ all the fixin’s, stuffed into a flour tortilla w/ a layer of refried beans in the middle to hold it all together – (very similar to a taco that Taco Bell used to do, or still may do, honestly don’t know) At 4.99 this is the priciest and largest taco. Worth it! Would happily get this comfort food monstrosity everytime I visit.

This was my first time at Tacotarian and I look very forward to visiting again when I am inevitably in LAS again soon 🙂



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