A Vegas Quickie – Review of Eat Summerlin Proper

I should have taken a pic of Eat itself, however, this was our first meal after departing for Vegas early in the morning and I was eager to get in and enjoy the food. So instead you get a not so great, very unphotogenic pic of me in front of the Wynn.

I had the pleasure of dining at Eat last spring and was really looking forward to coming back here! – There are 2 locations, Downtown and Summerlin Proper. I have only been to the Summerlin Proper location. It is a quaint little eatery in a shopping center out towards Red Rock. You have to go through a pretty intense Round-About to get into the shopping center, but it is totally worth it. – I also imagine this location to be less “touristy” since it is further out and tucked away; they also had the same kind and efficient staff from my last visit.

eat 1111

Huevos Motulenos – Over Easy Eggs, Red & Green New Mexico Chiles, Black Beans, Peas, Pico, Feta, Sauteed Banana, Corn Tortillas; Served w/ Chive Potatoes. (Pictured above w/ a side order of Chicken Apple Sausage)

Josh got this dish last time, and I recommended it to Dru on this stop. – He said the Chicken Apple Sausage was the best he had ever had, and of course he loved the entree itself. The pico is not soggy tomato mush and actually has crisp bits of pepper and onion, the sauces are delicious, and the filling of the other ingredients – savory with the occasional bite of the soft/starchy sweetness of the bananas made for an interesting meritage of flavors. The Chive Potatoes were on point both times that I have had them, never undercooked or gritty with dirt, and seasoned delightfully.

sal (1)

Arugula Salad – Asparagus, Oven Roasted Tomato, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Toasted Whole Almonds, and Lemon Herbed Vinaigrette.

I really wanted to have the Truffled Egg Sandwich, Bacon OTS for Dru, it is the bomb and would have come w/ another side of delicious Chive Potatoes, but I had it the last time and was determined to try something new. It was a great choice! Not only did the salad balance out the comforting heavy-ness of the other dish, but it was quite good.

The bitterness of the greens was nicely contrasted with the sweetness of the oven roasted tomatoes. The oven roasting is a bonus for me, I know a ton of people that love the pop of a raw cherry tomato but I am not the biggest fan. The nutty cheese added umami and accented the almonds. The dressing was very light and fresh.  I imagine if you are a meat eater adding Chicken or Shrimp to the salad would make a lovely meal. I would have liked a bit more almonds to suit my personal taste 🙂 * I do not however recall any asparagus on the salad.

There is ample parking in the shopping center, if you are not driving yourself you will need to cab or uber as it is not a walkable distance from the hotels.

Also of note, the menu states no modifications, I did not ask on this, but I assume that means that outright changing the dish is what is not allowed. – Leaving the bacon off a sandwich or some extra onion added to a dish (would likely be presented on the side I would think) should likely not be an issue. Best to call and ask before popping in if something like that is a concern for you (Such as scrambled eggs vs over easy on the egg dish in this post).



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