The Beyond Burger Review

So yes boys and girls, these were surprisingly delicious, and eerily meaty tasting, well from what I can remember, it has been about 25 years or so since I have consumed meat. However, even Dru, whom eats meat daily (ha) was shocked by how meat-like the burger patties are.


We decided to grill up these very interesting burgers (comprised mainly of pea protein isolate and colored with beet juice) with some fresh veggies.




While we were getting the grill and such ready, we poured the veggie marinade (olive oil, curry seasoning, honey, scallions, etc) over the Beyond Burger Patties with some Smoked Paprika and some Penzey’s 4S to season them. – (Both seasoning’s pulled out of the pantry at random tbh)



And onto the Grill they went.  Note, the “meat” is kind of loose, and does not hold up well in handling prior to cooking, add a marinade and the only way we were able to flip them onto the grill was to use the wax paper that they were sitting on to do it. – We meant to come back and season the bottoms when the patties were thrown face down onto the grill but never got around to it.


They char up and burn super fast, particularly when soaked in an oil based marinade – Watch as for that as the product does caution to avoid overcooking.


We also grilled up some buns that were brushed with a Mint Pesto.




All in all not bad, since between rounds of wine and cocktails it is quite easy to forget about things that burn on the grill without baby sitting. – The below photo is from the burger that burned. I even saved that one to microwave for lunch at work the next day, and not only did it make the office kitchen smell very burger like, the patty had a nice greasy “juicy-ness” after being nuked, reminiscent of an actual meat burger patty. Not bad for a charred vegan product the next day.

bb 5

We dressed them a random number of things, a habenero aioli, a chive aioli, guacamole, pico de gallo, jicama/watermelon radish slaw, red leaf lettuce, and pickle spears on the side for fun.



I really enjoyed these burgers and 1 week later I am making them again today! – Dru and I split one, and he actually was a bit bummed that he not a have a whole one to himself.

thumbnail (10)


Happy Sunday Funday



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