Lunch on the Patio – The Original Carrabba’s on Kirby

Brief Overview

Food & Pricing: Prepare to drop some dough. The food at the 2 locations (Kirby & Woodway) that are actually still owned by the Carrabba family is amazing. But avoid the “Italian Grill” locations as they are just another chain restaurant, with the food and service being more akin to an Olive Garden.

Parking: Valet of course. – Not sure of the cost for valet. Also, across the road, a quiet side street off  Kirby is a large parking garage, free of charge. The garage is there for guests from all of the 3 of the Carrabba’s restaurants (Grace’s & Mia’s are the other 2) that are clustered in that spot to park. There is also a “Hand Wash your Car While You Eat” service that I saw I sign for that I would like to check out someday.

Patio: Small amount of patio seating, covered with overhead fans, though the fans do not really put out much air and are more ornamental on that scale.

Service and Cleanliness: Carrabba’s is clean, and classy inside. Learn a bit of Italian in the bathroom. Next to going to Houston’s/Hillstone you wont find better service than Carrabba’s in the area.

Take out: Available, standard non Styrofoam to go packaging.

Now on to the Review:

So after catching local hero and rapper Trae the Truth at a short concert he put on before a Dynamo game, Josh, Dru, and I headed over to Carrabba’s to grab lunch on the patio. Dr. Mr Rogers, another local hero is his own right was there as well.

trae the truth 1

trae the truth 2

We worked up quite a thirst after the show and our usual round of Hendrick’s Martini’s was in order.


They didnt hit the table till we had already started attacking our apps, but that as okay. – Speaking on our apps:


99% of the time I go to Carrababa’s my dining companions and I start with these.


INSALATA FIORUCCI – 14.00 – Mixed field greens tossed with artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, grilled eggplant, and a hazelnut goat cheese medallion. – This salad is delicious and is easily split between 3 people, its a large salad yall. Vegan w/o the cheese, and oil and vinegar for dressing. Seriously this has been may go to starter for over a decade. – Well this and the Scotty below.


BRUSCHETTE “SCOTTY THOMPSON” – 13.00 – Goat cheese baked in pomodoro. – Thirteen dollars for that? Yes! The Scotty is fun, not only does Carrabba’s have the best pomodoro sauce, that bread is seasoned perfectly, in the most fattening of ways, and is delicious dunked into that saucey, goat-cheesey, heaven. I like to leave one side as is, cheese floating in the sauce, and mix the other side up into a creamy tomato wonder. – *Note half orders of both the salad and the scotty are available.*


These and the below soup are from a separate visit, yesterday, but eh since we are here. FRIED MOZZARELLA – 9.00 – with pomodoro. –  Not gonna lie, could use some presentation and the only reason to get this is if you LOVE mozzarella sticks and hate your waistline. You do get 5 which is nice, as most places do 3. The mozzarella is fresh and they are not refrozen, and you get yummy pomodoro.


This is the MAMMA MANDOLA’S SICILIAN CHICKEN SOUP – 12.00 for a bowl – I get this for Josh when he is not feeling well, on this particular visit he was not very hungry and a large bowl of this was hearty and filling enough with the pulled chicken and pasta to hit the spot. Lemon wedges to squeeze on top cut the flavors and mild heat from the red peppers nicely.

He also of course had all this table bread to fill up on and their signature herb mix and olive oil. – I like the sliced bread over the rolls myself.


We also had a nice rose this day, 40.00 lovely on the patio, Whispering Angel. – Very easy to drink and compliments most things. (Unless a really heavy red or something is required.)


So speaking of wine, Cakebread also does a a great job on the patio (or well anywhere), we had the Sauvignon blanc after the Hendricks Martini’s on that initial visit, 65.00 I believe.


Next up was the actual grub, how we ever have room at this point is beyond me, yet where there is a will there is way so moving on.


Vegan and delicious is the Off the Menu – Vegetable Platter – 19.00 – YES get this, left overs for a couple of days. Available at both locations.


SEAFOOD RAVIOLI – 25.00 Fresh Gulf Coast red snapper, scallops, shrimp, crabmeat, ricotta, and Parmigiano-Reggiano, in a lobster cream sauce. – This had a lot more presentation prior to Josh having it doused in Fresh Parmesan, and he struggled to finish it after the appetizers, however he refused to leave a bit behind and already eaten too much to save.


This is the Chicken Marsala with Fettucinne Alfredo – not sure how much it is, or where it is on the menu. Dru, much like Josh, has no shame when it comes ordering to something that will give you a heart attack. (though he did at least save half for later) He also had his meal doused in Parmesan.


A side of garlicy spinach for the table, the boys needed something green that day.


And a half order of TAGLIARINI PICCHI PACCHIU – 15.00, for the full order, not sure on the half – Fine pasta in a sauce of tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and basil. – Yes this has also been liberally been dusted in Parmesan. This is one of my favorite pastas there, love the fresh pasta, and slices of garlic.

We did not get dessert either day, but I will say that if you are the type to avoid box mixes and canned fillings, you may want to stay away from the Songo di Cioccolata dessert. As this one is comprised of Duncan Hines cake mix and canned cream fillings. – It is however delicious :/ The rest I believe are more from scratch, just not that one.

All in all I recommend taking in the view on the patio and having a great meal.


Happy Sunday Funday – N


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