Mary J Blige – Smart Financial


Full disclosure to start on this one. – I have a cheap phone, and even with seats that are in the lower bowl area, with all the awesome lighting effects, clear pictures at a concert or show can be very difficult to take. I promise to upgrade some day when home renovation costs are no longer getting in the way, until then kindly bear with me.

This amazing woman has been a huge staple of my life, I was damn near in tears when MJB walked on to stage. – Maybe its her inner and outer beauty, and very obvious strength that any little girl or grown woman can be proud to look up to, but her music has always touched me. When she belts something out, I feel like I am feeling everything she did, I spose it helps that she rhymes about such relatable issues to women at that.

Below are just some photos from the show, I wont harp on for too long, other than to say she lived up to all my very, very high expectations. – And she performed every song you could have wanted her to as well, with such gusto it was like someone was exercising the demons or something šŸ™‚







Have a nice weekend!



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