1st Post Harvey Meal – Xochi

Brief Overview

Food & Pricing: Great place for GF, Veggie or Vegan! Approx $$$ on pricing. / ** I do not believe they have flour tortillas as an fyi **

Parking: Garage + Street parking. I believe there is also valet, it is @ the hotel after all.

Patio: Decent amount of patio seating, covered with large fans. Dog friendly!

Service and Cleanliness: Fresh, new & clean. The nice hostesses were wiping things down as we walked up. The servers… very nice, missing some of the standard points of service. Our food was called out / auctioned off, gentleman served before ladies. Service was not open bodied.

Take out: Available, standard non Styrofoam to go packaging.

Now on to the Review:

Josh and I were very fortunate in Manvel during the entire ordeal that was Hurricane Harvey. – (Dru was also very safe in Pearland, as was my family in Oak Forest) – What was life changing for so many, was isolating for us, as we were stuck within our own communities at worst. So much time later I type this with survivors guilt of sorts, as I cannot thank sweet lady luck enough for looking out for us as she did.


We had some pretty murky skies before the onslaught, and then it was literally, as to anyone in the affected areas can attest to, non stop rain for the days. Poor doggo’s were having a rough time with it. (And I cannot even put into words our grief at the other domestic & international disasters that Mother Nature is currently unleashing upon the world)


I had just gotten home from major surgery when the storm struck here, I can only imagine if I myself had to go through high water, much less with our fragile rescue cats and dogs (Each dog being almost 100 lbs at that), as I would have stayed behind rather than leave a single one of them including the shitty feral cat that we barely like. (10 years later and she still really sucks)

On to Xochi, most of the high water had receded, I was finally able to eat real food again, and as a huge H town (Ortega) Restaurant Group fan it was time to finally see what Xochi was about.


Nestled in the beautiful Marriott Marquis Hotel is Xochi. – The hotel is adjacent to George R. Brown where many evacuees were still being held, and we saw many a local and visiting law enforcement / medical official either checking out of the hotel or dining at Xochi. (I believe the meals were free for those guys and gals, which is pretty damn awesome!) – As a native Houstonian I can honestly say this was the first time I had accidentally bumped into a US Marshall and then backed up into a group of Feds. Lol, it was interesting.


And who doesn’t appreciate a group of handsome gentleman in uniform coming down here to be heroes? (I certainly didn’t mind!)


Josh had a couple of cocktails, it was only lunch after all, above is the Nervous Traveler – Reposado Tequila, reposado mezcal, Grand Mariner, Lime, & Salt. – I didnt taste this one, but he seemed to enjoy it. Next up for him was the Pluma (below) – Suerte Tequila, orange liqueur, pineapple, lime, habanero syrup, hibiscus salted margarita foam. – I actually do remember tasting this one, it was really good, not overly sweet and a good balance of flavors.


If you have ever read one of my posts, you know that its more like I prefer a bit of  food to accompany my drinks and not the other way around, I enjoyed a good ole palate cleansing split of Schramsberg, as were doing the Houston Restaurant Week menus, pouring myself sparkling wine at my leisure through the courses worked well for me.


We enjoyed the view from the patio as well as our drinks, ate and gave thanks for how truly lucky we were, not only to have made it through the hurricane unscathed, but to also be able to enjoy such a nice meal as well.




Our amuse bouche was some type of Vegetarian Mole soup, with masa dumplings, we were starving, so we ripped into them prior to snapping a photo.


Next up was Josh’s first course – Josh had the Rabalo (below) – aguachile verde, cilantro, parsley, lime, orange, avocado, serrano, corn, red onion, cucumber, plantain tostada. – He hates cucumber but absolutely loved this dish. Very light and fresh


I had the Ensalada de Melon – compressed melon, Xoconostle, quesillo with chepiche, cotija, amaranth and chapulin powder,  chile de arbol vinaigrette. – I am not a melon fan at all unless it is watermelon, the other melon types can usually kick rocks, but this mixed melon salad was really tasty, and I imagine vegan if you were to remove the cotija cheese.


Next up for Josh was what I believe was the Barbacoa de Res de Zaachila – braised rolled skirt steak, hoja santa, guajillo puya and costeño pepper broth, potato, carrots, masa dumplings. – He loved it, Josh is a big Beef eater, and will almost never get chicken. Too many chicken ET’s (employee ticket / meals) from our Sito’s days that still haunt him almost 2 decades later.) I do feel like we lost a bit of presentation on this dish, as the beef could have been “rolled” much tighter.)


I had the La Tierra de Oaxaca – Crispy hoja santa, deeply roasted rainbow heirloom carrots & cauliflower, quelites, smashed crispy red potatoes, mole amarillo. – Hmmm this was beautiful, I would think vegan w/o the mole, and also very tasty, however, the carrots and potatoes were both a bit hard in the center, which absolutely did take a way from my enjoyment of the dish. (The carrots certainly weren’t “deeply” roasted, more natural sugars and a softer center on those would have been nice – I am used to half raw potatoes, seems to be a curse everywhere I go).


Now on to the desserts, I had a simple lightly Coffee flavored flan and it was a nice little perfect end to my meal.


And well Josh decided to go hard on some Chocolate, Im pretty sure this is the dessert he had, though I do not remember any peanut powder (perhaps it’s dusted onto the sponge part), and yes he loved this dessert. Cremoso de Chocolate – dense soft chocolate pudding, air sponge cake, peanut powder, strawberry


I highly, highly recommend Xochi if you are in Houston and feel like dealing with drama that can be downtown. (And the price point that can be Xochi) – Your Veggie and Gluten Free guests will even be well accommodated. – I also recommend taking a walk after your meal and enjoying the view!



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