Dinner in Friendswood – Brasserie 1895

So I am not very familiar with Friendswood, but from the Manvel / Pearland area it is much easier to get to than Houston for dining. Pearland / Manvel is a really nice place to live, but it is chain restaurant city when it comes to food options, and not vegetarian friendly in the slightest. (Vegans are really SOL out here)

FW 2

Enter Brasserie 1895. Hmmmm it was okay, not sure if I would venture back. Not that it was bad in anyway, I am just not feeling any longing to have anything we ate again. – Doesn’t help that I was more toasty than normal due to the pre dinner margaritas I had in addition to the drinks of the evening. That’s my bad.

After a round of Hendricks Martinis, we each started off with a first course.

FW 4

Dru had the Corn Bread Madeleine Soup – Summer Corn Bisque, local vegetable succotash, and “Lucky Layla” lavender butter.

FW 5

Yeah I couldn’t really taste any of that from the spoonful or two I had out of curiosity. All I could taste was a strong presence of seafood stock (maybe it wasn’t in there, but that’s what we both tasted) and weird arugula floating in it. Just my opinion, but a giant clump of raw arugula seems an unseemly garnish for soup. I feel like this could have been a dish easily made vegetarian, even vegan and probably would have (imho) tasted much better if so, actually allowing the flavors of the featured ingredients shine through vs overpowering with seafood stock.

FW 8

Next up was the Grilled Moroccan Anti Pasti Salad – Grilled Summer Veg, Falafel, Clove Yogurt, Rosewater Vinaigrette – And again Eh. Don’t get me wrong, this dish sounded great in concept, but I honestly just didn’t care for it. Using ingredients like Rosewater (Or Lavender butter in the other dish above) seems a bit pointless to me when paired with powerful items such as arugula or roasted red peppers. Though they do sound quite poetic on a menu. I also found the taste and texture of the falafel a bit off. It was not bad in anyway, I just care more for the style of falafel that Nikos or Phoenicia would do a bit more.

FW 6

I decided to have these weird puffy things above as my entrée as there were not really many other veggie options. Sev Puir – Potato Masala, Onion, Date Chutney, Cilantro Ginger Chutney, Diced tomato. – I typically love all things Indian food, I did not love these, after sampling a canapé sized bite or two to see what they were about (mostly the flaky dough) I didn’t have any more. And due to the crisp texture they did not hold up the next day at all. (Well duh, but I decided to give it a shot)

FW 7

And the above was Dru’s entrée for the evening. – Diver Scallop Brochette – Hand – Dug Diver Scallops, wrapped in Crab & Bacon, served with Wood Oven Seared Polenta Cake. – This was also only picked at. TBH it was a little while back that we went, so I cannot for the life of me remember what it was topped with. I just remember Dru commenting on the somewhat rawness of the bacon and dryness of parts of the dish. He took half home and kinda forgot about it in the fridge.

We did have a dessert, Chocolate of some sort, however at this point I decided shot of Jameson was necessary (It wasn’t) and did not take a photo nor remember what we had, Dru of whom was much more sober devoured it up with out much thought. (The man has an impressive sweet tooth)

And then we were on our way, I will say the service from the staff was very friendly so A+ on that 🙂

Below is the captains list they had at the time if you are interested in that kind of thing, I don’t remember being all that crazy about the rest of the wine menu, but there was some interesting stuff here if you have the $$ to spend.

FW 3


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