I love the 90’s tour at NRG Arena

So this was a freaking blast. – For some reason people really wait to buy tickets to shows like this, particularly at a venue that does not host these types concerts often, such as NRG Arena. – This allowed us to score tickets front row and center. – So totally worth it! – I take no responsibility for how goofy Josh looks, it’s just his face 😛


The opener was Penny Ford from Snap! She was great, a lot of energy is needed to bellow out hits like Power and Rhythm is a Dancer. This was a great way to get the crowd going for the show, and she had a lot of crowd interaction. She even walked around and hung out and posed for pictures with her fans during some of the following acts.





I want to outright apologize for the picture quality of these photos of Ms. Ford, she was really dancing and getting her groove on, and with all that movement it was next to impossible to get a picture any less fuzzy than the above. – (Believe me, it was not from lack of trying)

Freedom Williams from C + C Music Factory was up next. Hits such as Every Body Dance Now and Things that make you go Hmmm were performed and the crowd of course went wild and began to turn NRG into a dance party. Freedom Williams also knows how to play to his audience and have fun. Many artist do, but some do not, so it always makes me happy to see the performing act enjoying both themselves and the audience.





Then we have Biz Markie up next. Yeah baby. Of course that was awesome, I have seen him a few times, and he takes it back to the old school and never disappoints. This time he touched my hand! LOL yes I am dork and it doesn’t get any better on that end from here.




This was also about the point where the venue went from being almost empty from when I arrived to now full on balls to the wall.


reliant 2

Now on to Blackstreet.


It was a ladies party for their set, big time. – Josh was at the concessions stand, getting cocktails when they came on, he said all the women pretty much scattered like roaches back to their seats not to miss anything! – I believe it and I don’t blame them! – It was freaking Blackstreet yo!


They gave out roses as well, I did not score a rose, but I did get a kiss on the hand later in the show from Mark Middleton. *Sigh*


Here are some more pics of them wooing the crowd before we move on.




Things got Naughty after that.


What can I say, I love them! They have been kind enough to grace the H several times with their presence over the years, and I have made it to every show. They are a fun act, and they love everyone in the crowd. You really feel like you are partying with a judgment free group of badass dudes. Not to mention the performance itself. – I will say however, that they are most def not Trump fans, and after their performance they do speak on their feelings. So if you are sensitive to that, may be a good time for a bathroom break. – Though this crowed seemed to be in agreement with their message.




As a surprise treat, Willie D and Bushwick popped up and performed during Naughty’s set. And for some reason Treach felt the need to send Bushwick Flying off the stage into the crowd! – He was okay though. Face was not there, but it was still great, I have never gotten so up close to Bushwick before!





I know, I know that’s a lot so far no? – We were quite tired, and I had to be at work by 4am! But… TLC was up next, and I had to rally for that.


They opened with Diggin on You, and I immediately wondered while Chilli had pockets big enough to fit a 40 in, but the shiny outfits were definitely 90’s.

At one point Chilli gave some poor but deliriously happy gentleman a lap dance to Red light Special on stage.


Tboz was amazing as well.


And they just overall rocked it!




Chilli is actually a great dancer, she seemed so perfectly in tune with her back up dancers without even thinking about it. – BTW, the back up dancers were wearing waiter style black aprons over pants… Another wardrobe choice I don’t quite get, but moving on…

Even big stars like TLC take the time for their fans at the end, I got a polite hand squeeze from Tboz, and Josh got one from them both! – He also met Heavy D in the concessions area, turned out Heavy was a big fan of Josh’s DJ Quick shirt!


All in all a great night, even if I pretty much had to go straight into work at 0400 and then on a plane to Vegas immediately after my shift.

If you ever have the chance to catch a throw back concert line up, do it, get great seats, its been worth it every time!

Talk to ya next time!


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