Majic 102 Block Party at Cynthia Woods Pavilion

So I am totally a month behind on this, but it was so much fun I don’t care. I certainly have a preference for music that reminds me of my pre-teen / teen years and the Majic 102 Block Party made my day in that aspect.

The line up was Ro James, SWV, Brandi, Bel Biv Devo, and Jill Scott closing the show.

bs 21

bs20Here are a couple of shots of Ro James doing his thing, the crowd really enjoyed him, but I must confess, this artist I am not familiar with at all, I know he opened for Mary J here in the H last year, but that show was pricey at Toyota center, and I couldn’t shell out the cash for a show that I wouldn’t know half of the performers.

He wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t say this show made me lifelong fan of his. Too much of a pop sound to his jam, without the teen nostalgia to have me going.



SWV however, put it down!!! Getting to hear Weak live and seeing those ladies happy and full of energy on stage just really made my day and the dreaded trip all the way out to the dang woodlands worth it. I would jump at the chance to see SWV again in a heartbeat 🙂 And I picked up a pretty sweet SWV tank at the merch area so that was cool too.


BS 5

And then there was Brandi, every damn bit as beautiful and elegant as you would expect her to be, much like SWV she really belted it out and was quite a powerful presence on stage.

Definitely not the 16 year old girl anymore like when she came into the music scene like a freaking hurricane, but I certainly felt like a teen again myself when she busted out with sitting up in my room. Thank you for coming to Houston Brandi and please come back! Getting to see you once was not enough!


Bel Biv Devoe was tight! They also did all their hits, had a marriage proposal during their set from one of the 102 staff, (she said yes folks! It was beautiful and so were they :)), and they even invited Brandi back on stage to belt out a bit of Poison.BS 4

BS 3

And last up was Jilly from Philly.

BS 2

This was my biggest disappointment of the show, not because she wasn’t wonderful, but because I thought I had to be in to work at 0700 the next day, and it was sooo late at that point with a commute back to Manvel, I had to jet if I cared about my career. I use the term career loosely, but I digress. We ended up pulling ourselves sadly away about a song and a half into her set. Boy did we get some glares pushing our way out of the center of the aisle by some die hard fans for that one! I get it though, weird time to take off if you don’t know why.

Also it turns out when I was halfway to work at six o’clock in the morning that I was actually supposed to be off, so yeah big win for me on that one.

If you ever have a chance to catch one of these acts I hope that you do, totally worth the cost of a ticket and your time.

This coming Sunday, I am very fortunate to have been able to purchase seats, front row center for the I love the 90’s the Party continues tour, with TLC (RIP Left Eye), Naughty By Nature, Montell Jordan, C+C Music Factory, and SNAP!

** Edit, we here in here in Houston get Blackstreet and Biz Markie instead of Montell ** – Still a total win, but getting to see Montell Jordan would have been awesome.

Holy crap am I excited! We have gotten to see Naughty a few times over the last couple of years and those guys really love to interact with the crowd. They preach peace and equality a lot too and that’s really my jam. It will be my first time to see the other acts, but come on, it can only be great with that line up!

I have to be in at 4 am this time after the show…. So we will see how that goes.



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