A quick Review – Happy Fatz Hot Dogs in the Heights

My first post ever was about Good Dog Hot Dogs, which is actually not too far away from Happy Fatz here, but I am a huge fan of Happy Fatz as well! – It’s just a bit further out from where Dru was staying in the Heights, so we never made it there quite as much.

Happy Fatz also boasts Vegetarian Gourmet Hot dogs in addition to carnivorous ones, and while they may not have a bar with local brews such as GD does, they do have some very nice bakery options 🙂


They also have some interesting food menu options. – On the black board below are their newer features that are not currently listed on their website.


Here are the breakfast options, they also have coffee selections, as well as a different fruit infused water every day.


You can also try your hand at the Colossal, three specialty dogs in 1 large bun.


Im not gonna lie and say that I haven’t thought about it.

Now on to some of the food. Below is the Sunshine Taco my absolute favorite breakfast item here, well its an order of 2, that didn’t present well that day, so beneath that is a photo that shows it prepared much nicer. – As you can see, whomever was working the line the day of the top photo just didn’t do the dish justice! It is just Hash browns, egg, and pico, but when prepared well its simple and delicious.



Next up is the Al Capone Dog, Veggie. One of the old school classic combinations. Fresh onion, tomato, dill pickle, relish, sport pepper, yellow mustard, celery salt on poppy seed bun. As you can you get a bit bigger of a veg dog here then good dog. This was the first time I had the Al Capone, I enjoyed it, but the clucker sans bacon will always be my favorite.


On to the Rocky’s Dog, Grilled onion & mushroom, sautéed spinach, avocado, provolone, and basil mayo on a jalapeno bun. Whew! This is from their newer menu and was a hot mess. Tasted okay, but should have been great, very sloppily thrown together. – I also felt that the mushrooms could have been fresher.

HF 22

And lastly, we have the Beefy Cheddar Melt. – This is from their newer menu also, Brisket, with Grilled Onions, and melted cheddar. Josh doesn’t care for sauces and removed the horsey mayo & steak sauce blend. – This per Josh tasted exactly how it looks like it would and ate every bite. So 9.00 well spent I guess 🙂

HF 33

And below is the patio, its not a very large one, but it is dog friendly.


Not really any lot parking, but street parking is ample.

Be warned, even if you are the only person there, ticket times for hot food are typically LONG, like on average a 30 min wait from the point you ordered till you receive a couple of hot dogs.

They do also have salads and such by the way, and I imagine much like GD they will let you bring your own buns if you are vegan.

See ya next time!

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