Gay Pride Festival Houston 2017

Right away as you approach the festival, you can see by the array of emergency response vehicles the city was prepared for anything.


So as I said, we did go pretty early, it was just starting fill when we got there after the rain. Later through the day, the crowd increased by a lot, and the outfits became more and more daring.


GPP 15

I personally have only heard the name in passing during the 90’s, but apparently a big time country singer named Leann Rimes performed a free show. The crowed seemed to be appreciating it, and the artist herself seemed to be having a lot of fun. County music makes my ears bleed, but I thought it was super cool she took the time to perform for the event. I was too far away for you to see her on the stage below.

GPP 27

GPP 11

Here is a look at some of the food / drinks offered. Vegans, Vegetarians, and healthy eaters were pretty much left out. A lot of Deep Fried Everything state fair types of foods. Didn’t get a lot of shots of food options, particularly the deep fried funnel cakes, twinkies, and chicken baskets.

GPP 12

PP 10


Here is a peek at the 21 and up Absolute tent, lighting was weird in there, so it was hard to get a good shot.

GPP 22

GPP 25

There was also a Pride History tent, that one was crowded stinky sweaty bodies. – (Not that it was anyone’s fault with the humidity.)

GPP 16

We stopped at a couple of merch tents. – The lady in the Badass hat was sure working hard and hand pressed us a Houston Pride tote in minutes.

GPP 19

GPP 21

There were a lot of corporate sponsor logos on everything which I also thought was super cool, even ole Walgreens was there to show out some pride.

gpp 26

And below are just some last shots as we were heading out before I turned into a pumpkin with having to be out of there.

GPP 23

GPP 20

GPP 24

GPP 14

All in all we had a great time. Sometimes (okay a lot of time) the world can feel like a hateful place, full of judgment and anger for / from those that differ from you, and to see so many happy and proud people, gay, straight, and of all gender identities together having a blast is the world I want to live in 🙂


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