A Gloomy day in the Bayou City on the way to Gay Pride

Ah the Bayou City, one of many of Houston’s iconic labels. As the featured image as well as the image below shows, they are a series of deep ditches webbing throughout the city of Houston. – They are usually filled with some pretty rancid water run off to prevent flooding. – Surprisingly they do not yield an odor really, but if you live in Houston, you will know that we flood all the time anyway, and heaven forbid it be high enough water for the bayous to overflow, which they do.

As you can see there are walkways around them, the bayou network really does expand throughout a good amount of the city, and most if not all of them are near a walking path / running trial, and are adjecent to a park or major city area. There are even bayou boat tours and people that kayack in there! I dont mind walking the trails when the weather is nice and the water is low, but the rest is not my cup of tea.

These photos were actually taken a couple of miles walking diatance from downtown Houston where we had parked to hoof it over to the Gay Pride festival this year. We didnt make the parade, that sucker started at 8pm and I had to be in to work at 7am the next day. With the 4th largest Gay Pride parade in the nation, you need the next day off if you are going to that shit. Also may be several days off before and after if you are really going to do the events of the week right. 🙂

We parked in one of the many areas of the city designated as Historic and that’s always nice to catch a piece of when one is out and about.


Anyone who knows the city knows like the flooding, we have our fair share of overall rain and humidity, and the morning of the Gay Pride Festival was no exception! – Since I had to be at work early the next day w/ a ton of errands to run, we wanted to show up when it opened, but the heavy rains held us back a bit. We still made it out and had a lot of fun walking around and taking it all in, however, the sky remained overcast, and the temp a balmy 90 degrees. Kinda felt like walking around in a hot wet blanket. Again nothing new for the native Houstonian 🙂



Here are a couple of dreary shots from the little bridge we had to cross to go over that bit of roadway to make our destination. We are coming from the left direction of the top shot towards the meca of our Downtown area on the right.


We also saw this really interesting discarded canned beverage on the bridge, made me think we were not the only ones to have taken this route over to Pride 🙂


So we finally after quite a bit of walking, we make to the theater district downtown where the Pride Festival sits, the closer you get you see more Pride advertised parking, but we were happy to have our free spot far away from all the police and commotion.

 GPP 2

The closer you get you also start seeing some inserting vendors as well 🙂

GPP 29

The City as a whole really tends to show its Pride!


At night many of the buildings would cast rainbow lights as well which I think is a nice touch and look forward to getting to enjoy every year.

This year the festival / parade had an Alice in Wonderland theme, below are the maps and such.

GPP 18

GPP 17

And then we finally arrived! All the way from where we now reside in middle of no where Manvel, Tx.

This was part one of two for my very, very, better late than never pride day posts. – I will post the 2nd soon with some pictures of the actual festival and a review of Happy Fatz where we went to lunch.

Ciao for now – N

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