Dining in the Washington Heights Area – Soma Sushi

Brief Overview

Food & Pricing: Affordable Happy Hour, kinda pricey for the rest. Most of the food is good, but I have had some vegetarian items that I did not care for.

Parking: Valet + Street parking. – Parking isn’t great here, sometimes there are non valet spaces in the lot.

Patio: Nice patio! – But not dog friendly.

Service and CleanlinessNice Asian décor, a bit sultry. – Service is always ok, they don’t really offer to box up your food and such, just kinda a to the point type of experience.

Take out: Available, standard non Styrofoam to go packaging.

Now on to the Review:

So that’s not the sexiest signage, but Soma Sushi is definitely worth stop if you are in the Washington Heights area. – Like many cities, the H has no shortage of Sushi joints, but Soma is pretty constant for us.

A big reason is, for now at least, is that it is close to Dru’s place. – Another big perk is the all day Sunday Happy Hour that features a nice bevy of food specials. Drinks are still cheaper for me at home where I like to drink alone like a real winner, so for myself and crew, Happy Hour specials are usually all about the food. – Typically, there is not much if anything for me the Vegetarian, and of course vegans are left off completely on most happy hour menus, but at least the carnivore half of our bill is a bit cheaper.


So, full jizz-closure (any League fans out there?) I am basing this review off a couple of visits, once in February around super bowl time, and once this past weekend. – I never really got around to reviewing it in February and felt like I needed a few more photos 🙂

soma cocktail 1

So the above drink was from when Josh and I stopped by for a nice dinner back in Feb, we imbibed quite a bit that evening, so I’m not 100%, but pretty sure this was the Blood and Sand $12 – J. Walker Black, Cherry Heering, Carpano Antica, orange juice.- And if I am remembering the cocktail correctly, it was really good, and worth getting again – Nice and balanced, not overly sweet.

soma cocktail 2

So this one, Im not as sure about, it was also from February. – I think it was Flowers In Her Hair – Zubrowka bisongrass infused vodka, St. Germain, peach bitters, Cava, orange zest. – $11 – I must of liked it, because I am pretty sure I got another. 🙂

soma tempura

This was also during our Feb visit, the cocktail in the background is Ruby Nectar – $13 – Herradura Reposado tequila, Aperol, Ruby Red grapefruit-lime juices, chipotle & vanilla syrup, grapefruit brûlée. – Which was another hit with Josh. – That deep fried mass is the Vegetable Tempura. – It may not look like much, but it was awesome! – It included thin eggplant slices, shishito peppers, shitake mushroom, and clumps of enoki mushroom in addition to the usual suspects. This may be my favorite tempura ever!!

bulgogi 2

For his entrée, Josh opted for an off menu special, the Pork Bulgogi, he loved it! – And looks for it now when we go back. – There was even enough to pack for his lunch work the next day, a rare occasion when he didn’t mind leftovers.

soma ramen

This was the Garden Ramen – (Shiitake – Aka Miso Base)  – 13.00 – Veg – (red miso / tofu / portabella / shiitake / enoki / pickled shimeji / green onions / spinach / wakame / cilantro)  – Honestly, I wanted to really like this, as I love the concept of a nice place like Soma offering a Vegan Ramen. However, the broth tasted meaty, gamey meaty, even mushroom stock and miso in my experience doesn’t take quite like that. But it could just be me and the broth indeed be vegan. The pickled shimeji had an off taste to me also, the other ingredients in the soup I didn’t mind.

soma dessert

This beauty was the Poached Pear & Hazelnut Mousse – 9.00 – (With cocoa nib / spiced streusel / candied hazelnut / hazelnut tuile / plum gel) – It was light, airy and palate cleansing end to the meal, we had no issues trying to finish this dessert, as it was just the right size. Looking back, I am thinking this may have contained Gelatin due to the texture.


Above is from this past Sunday Happy hour. – The creamy mermaid – $6.00 – (Smoked salmon/ cream cheese/ avocado/ flash fried/ serrano/ unagi sauce) – The mini destiny (nigiri) – $7.00 – (tuna/ salmon/ flounder) – And the Korean Pork Tacos, sorry I don’t have the item description for this one! – Dru gets the Creamy Mermaid Roll & Mini Destiny every visit, so they must be good, 1st time for the tacos, but he enjoyed them and ate every one 🙂


Here is the crazy Irishman – $8.00 – (Salmon/ tuna/ avocado/ flash fried/ spicy aioli/ unagi sauce/ masago/ negi) – Sloppy looking, but Dru also gets this roll pretty much every visit.


The beverage is a Double Stoli and Soda, w/ a twist in honor of a dearly departed friend, whom bartended at fancy pants Tony’s for a very long time, Gerlad Wantz. – He was a real cool cat. – Stoli looked like it was listed on the HH menu for 5.00, but it turns out it’s a call for 7.00 a pop, whenever I happen to decide to order Stoli, I get it this way and smile at some memories of having cocktails after work with ole Gerry at Mezzanine Lounge.

The Roll, was AWFUL, – Pickled Veggie – (No Rice) – 8.00 – Vegan -(Pickled korean moo / asparagus / avocado / cucumber / kaiware / shredded moo / lettuce / yamagobo) – The Moo, which by the overpowering taste is related to the radish / daikon I can only assume. – Not quite horseradish strong, and not spicy really, but SO intense. Since they wrap the roll completely in Moo, and use more shredded Moo in place of any rice that would be inside, the Moo is all you taste. – I had a piece, and Dru had a piece before we sent it back in defeat.


And this is the japanese curry & green onion roti (naan and curry) – $8.00 (Oxtail/ curry/ roti/ pickled daikon/ peas/ carrots) – The roti is so buttery and delicious, both Dru and Mr. Picky Josh approve of this dish. – Does not come with rice, so if you need it, order it separately, and if you are like us, ask for an extra portion of Roti, the 4 little triangles aren’t enough!



This delight above is the “Carrot Cake” – No actual cake, just the crunchy bits you see on the side for texture. The rest was like a cross between a flan and crème brule, and the carrot curls poached in a syrup were divine. – This was great, I just want to go there to have this again!!!!

Below is a bonus pic from a long time ago, the Tres Leches, if you ever see it on their menu get it, its great too!!!




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2 thoughts on “Dining in the Washington Heights Area – Soma Sushi

  1. Darn, what a mixed review! The photos are all lovely, but the dishes that sounds best to me (the ramen and veggie roll) also seem to be the greatest disappointments of the evening. Such a shame! I guess I’m are sucker for a good presentation.


    1. LOL – I was very excited about both of those dishes too! – That seems to be thing about Veg dishes on many menus, they sound / look great in concept, but at times fail in execution. Oh well, life is an adventure after all 🙂


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