Another Quick Review – Cuisine India – Clear Lake

What? – An Indian restaurant with a delicious buffet that also has a patio??!! Yas queen, it’s real, but way over the rainbow in freakin Clear Lake / Webster where I work.

It is tucked in a non descpit strip center, next to a Shipley’s along the Nasa Bypass near El Dorado. There are spaces in front and in the back to park in the strip center.

While I have never been able to dine in the patio (since I just get to go food for my work lunches), it is definitely there, however, I would also not consider this a destination patio. Just a place to dine if you love being outside. As your main view is indeed the parking lot and the Nasa Bypass.

The owner is always up front by the Full Bar, as she, as well as her staff, are always beyond welcoming of your business and so very polite.

Here are the some shots of the buffet, many vegetarian items and some vegan choices as well.


Lentil Donuts, chutneys, raita, onion salad, and a hot sauce (the top red one) that will even destroy me! And I am pretty tough lady when it comes to spicy food! There was also corn chaat, garden salad, and cabbage salad. – Since I could actually eat everything on this section of the buffet line I remember it all 🙂


Here we have Saag paneer, Bengun Bhartha – (Pureed Grilled Eggplant w/ a hint yogurt. Aloo beans, Channa Masala, which was great that day btw, spinach parokas and Navarattan Korma. Next to it is a vegetarian soup, but I don’t not remember which.


This was the carnivore side, Tandoori Chicken, Fish Curry, Cilantro Chicken, Tikka chicken, Keema Curry, and Chicken Kofta Balls. – I took home a buffet to go for Josh also (pretty much all from this side of the buffet line) and he destroyed it, so it must has been as great as mine.


And the Classic Keer for the dessert 🙂

I will say that the Styrofoam boxes that they use seem to be a bit smaller & shallower than most places, so I am not crazy about the type of packaging or size, but absolutely still worth a stop here. – They do however take all your Styrofoam sauce cups, and to go boxes and very tightly wrap them all in saran wrap and bag them up for you before you go, which is very helpful.

Another perk for Cuisine India is that the items come w/ rice and naan if you the order the traditional entrees off menu and do not do the buffet. Most Indian places make you add the rice and naan (which is huge, hot and fresh) as a separate charge, so there is a good value there!

What a gem for an area riddled with big business chains. India’s in the Galleria is my favorite place for Indian, but this place here comes a very close 2nd with a similar flavor profile and quality of the vegetarian items at least. + India’s does not have a patio.

If you are ever near Space Center and are craving a savory flavorful meal and at a non chain establishment this is a great place to stop.

Have a good rest of your Thursday!


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