A Quick Review – Dacapo’s Pastry Cafe

Hello again 🙂

So if you have never been here, Dacapo’s is nice place to go for a cold or hot sandwich and some sides. A very wholesome, and simple deli.

Vegetarians can be accommodated, there are a couple of basic menu items, and vegans would have salads and such, not sure if the bread is vegan. – They do get an F on the daily specials board, as each item had meat, should have taken a picture. It would have been nice if a common vegetarian item such as Lentil Soup was sans ham as on this recent visit.

They focus more on Specialty cakes and baked goods, and greatly excel at that! – Below are some photos of the treats up front. Kind of a busy counter top.



Parking here kinda blows, it’s in a crazy busy intersection on Studewood, with some parallel parking on the front of the building, and a couple dangerous to get in and out of spots on the side. – Those fortunate to be able to afford to live in the area walk. Street parking and walking from there is also an option.

There are a couple of 2 top grated metal patio tables, that are usually free, which is where we always sit. – It is not a destination patio. Road rage and honking like a mutha due to the location.

It is counter service, food comes out fairly quickly. – Kind of an old small place, not very loungey. – And you have to walk to through the kitchen and use the small staff bathroom in the very back should you need to wash you hands or go. So that is also not really a luxury experience, but that is not why you are here.

I had the ALT sandwich half – (Avocado, provolone cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato with a touch of mayo on our homemade toasted honey wheat bread) – with the Fruity Caesar Salad – (Romaine lettuce, marinated chicken breast and fresh fruit tossed with Dacapo’s special Caesar dressing and topped with sweet toasted walnuts – I got no chicken) as a combo.


It did originally hit the table with chicken and they had to remake the salad portion. – The chicken looked like 3 long hand carved slices, similar to the Turkey Slices that Dru’s sandwich was filled with.

The ALT and salad were both good for a quick meal before a hair appointment at Brush and Bobby near by, but I was hungry again before I left.

Dru had the Dacapo’s Santa Fe – 8.50 – (Sliced marinated turkey breast, lettuce and tomato with a homemade mango chutney-mayo spread on our homemade honey wheat bread) – Served with Pea Salad.

Note, the Carrot Souffle is da bomb and the side to get, however, I am not to eat cooked carrots per my doc. (I fail that often tho) And Dru decided to spare me having to watch him eat the carrot soufflé in front of me.


As you can see, he doesn’t have much pea salad left on his plate, as I was starving and started attacking it since they took my plate away to remake my salad. – Sorry Dru!

Give Dacapo’s a try for a sweet treat and a small bite, or maybe a box lunch to take on a picnic. I will be having the other Veg sandwich when I go back.

Vegetarian Special 8.50 – Fresh sliced mushrooms, cucumbers, yellow squash, fresh spinach, and provolone cheese drizzled with Dacapo’s sundried tomato vinaigrette dressing on our homemade herb bread

It’s pretty good for a very raw sandwich.

Anyway TTFN!


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