Cinco de Mayo at Hugo’s

Brief Overview

Food & Pricing: Great place for GF, Veggie or Vegan! Approx $$$ on pricing. / ** Fun Fact, they do not have Flour Tortillas at all, just as an FYI if you are a carb addict like me **

Parking: Valet, which we actually used this time. + Street parking.

Patio: Ample patio seating, I think they may be dog friendly since back street is. Not sure here though. This patio is very shaded.

Service and CleanlinessService was just fine. – Always clean with nice décor. – Bathroom is a little run down and looks / smells like it could use a remodel.

Take out: Available, standard non Styrofoam to go packaging. – Only Styrofoam was for a small cup of salsa we took to go.

Now on to the Review:

So as you may be aware, I am huge fan of the Ortega Group restaurants. Due to both the Vegetarian menu and the willingness to accommodate Vegans, and because the food and drinks, while a bit pricey are dang good. I never walk out feeling like I have wasted time and $$$ that I am not getting back.

For Cinco de Mayo this year, we decided to class it up a bit and head over to Hugo’s. They had happy hour going on all day for the drinks!


We started with a Palmoa Rustica. – I really just do not like Margarita’s much, they are usually a sweet tasting syrupy mess to me unless I make them myself, and Paloma’s are just my style. Tequila or Mezal, club soda, fresh grapefruit, lime, you get the idea. This was worth the 6.00 we paid for it.


Josh had a Hugo Rita, also 6.00 it was a Margarita, not much to say other than it was at least not cloyingly sweet


Next up to bat was a Mojito for me. Eh, Im not really a Mojito fan, as this very simple cocktail is often poorly made with over handled limes and blackened mint, by annoyed bartenders and always a diabetic coma sugar bomb. As you can see below, no black mint, or lime pieces handled by dirty hands to make the drink bitter due to the pith, but it was super sweet, had I told them to omit the simple syrup completely, this would have been better for my personal taste buds.


Josh then moved onto the West Texas Walk about, this was yummy! Even with the Praline liqueur it was not overly sweet and had a very balanced medley of flavors.


Below is the full drink menu. – As you can see someone needs to have the hostesses go through the menus and reprint pages that are super yucky like this one.


Now on to the food, I will also note that we did request a Vegetarian menu on our reservation, but once sat, I had to ask the hostess to bring me one, so 1 point off for the host staff on that one.

I started out with the Empanadas de Plátano – 10.00 for 3 pieces about the size of large dumplings. – Plantain turnovers stuffed with frijoles refritos. These were good, I really enjoyed the soft sweetness of the plantains wrapped around the black refried bean filling. – They may be able to possible make these vegan w/o the crema and cheese garnish, but best to ask.


For my meal, I chose the Plato de Vegetales | 15.00 – quinoa, tamalayota squash puree, charred Brussels sprouts, vegetable quesadillas and asparagus. As you can see I did not receive those exact items, but that is to be expected due to seasonality at a place that doesn’t reprint the menus daily, but the core of it was there. Everything was delicious, even the Nopales were well seasoned. I am a total Mexi-cant so the texture of the nopales, even though they were prepared and seasoned well did not do it for me. – Other than the quesadillas, I did not see / taste any butter or dairy on this item, always best to double check if you don’t eat these things. – 1 point off for the smudges on the right side of the plate, the restaurant wasn’t that busy at this point, and expo should have caught that if the line did not. – As well as that strip of cactus wiggling a bit off center.


Josh had the Tlayuda – 18.00 off of the Platos Fuertes section of the Lunch menu. –
Oversized blue corn tortilla stuffed with grilled chopped skirt steak and housemade Oaxacan quesillo, served with arroz a la Mexicana and small watercress salad. Basically a Big Ass Quesadilla, with the beef sauced & unchopped, see both photos. He enjoyed it, and it turned out to be 2 meals and a snack as the portion is huge! – Again, we could have wipe the sauce for better guest perception at the table, but it did not effect the taste 🙂



Since we are gluttonous lushes, we then moved on to desserts and another round of drinks.

First came the Inniskillin, at 17.00 a glass and such a concentrated sweetness, we split it. Honestly probably too sweet for me, but Josh has never had it and I don’t see it on menus a lot so we went ahead and got it.


Then came the desserts.

First up Pirámide de Chocolate – 9.00 – Criollo chocolate and flourless bizcocho de chocolate, with dulce de leche cream and Xoconostle [wild prickly pear sauce]. It was every bit of the hokey puck you would expect a flourless cake to be, so dense! But it was tasty and made great leftovers, as we only had a couple of bites.


We only had a couple of bites of this dessert too, Flan de Queso – 9.00 –
With passion fruit sauce, candied pistachios, strawberries and chantilly cream. this also made great left overs, even if the sugar did not stay crunchy after the fact. I enjoyed this dessert the most. 🙂



Go to Hugos, I recommend it, sit outside!! LOTS of shade in this patio and ambiance.

See ya next time!


*** Below are some more menu images if that is helpful to you ***




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