Cynthia Woods and Tom Petty

So we made it over to Cynthia Woods to see a legend, Tom Petty. It was a good show, and I am grateful to have gotten to see him, but for 175.00 a ticket, it was the most mellow night on my life. Like swimming in a cup of sleepy time tea. 

Im used to being here for stuff like Drake vs Lil Wayne, LL Cool J and Salt and Peppa with the 90’s tours. Or being front row pit for Snoop and Wiz. Ok for Snoop, Wiz just happened to be there. But again, never discount the opportunity to soak in a legend. I would go see Tom Petty all over again if I could go back in time and remake the choice to purchase tickets.

And eveveryone seemed to be having a great time too.

Here is some more concert fun πŸ™‚ 

Now onto the food choices. 

If you have dietary restrictions, or are a healthy eater in anyway, eat first. Pack a banana, because you are SOL at Cythia Woods.

My phone doesn’t take great pictures of lit up menus. The below menu, what you can read it, shows the lone vegetarian option. Not vegan, not heathy, (and I’m sure a sloppy nasty mess) but vegetarian. A Black Bean burger. There are over priced cardboard tasting Papa John’s Cheese pizzas as your best alternate. Or French Fries, likely fried in chicken tender oil.

Well what else is there ladies and gents? Processed meat and fats!

I’m not a fan of making the long trek out to the hoodlands, but it is what it is. I always plan to eat first or starve when I go. It’s such a hassle to take I45 that far out in construction / traffic that I usually don’t have time to eat first or pack provisions, I typically go through most shows very hungry. It would be nice if they not only had better / any edible vegetarian / vegan options, maybe GF or just a healthier menu over all. As after the show what’s open for someone vegetarian, vegan, or Gluten Free?

It will probably never happen. Sigh. But they do have these weird copper looking white people statutes πŸ™‚

And always make sure to stop by the merch booth for some swag. Note, the 50.00 baseball tee we bought is already having the thread unravel at the seams.

Hope this info was helpful to you! Have a good rest of your weekend!

– N

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