A Little Bit Lush

So how awesome is my first morning glory? – It seems I just started them by seed and expected more vining before it put out a bloom.

Yes it is shy and tiny, kissing up at the sun still covered in dew, but I am quite proud of it either way. – It has been half a decade at least when I stopped really gardening, and I have even been killing house plant cactuses of late, so this is a victory!

I will stop rambling on now and get to the point! – I have finally crawled out of the rock I have been living under and tried a Lush product.

A little about me, I am kind of a social introvert, no facebook, twitter, or social media. Blogging itself has become a personal journey to grow in such ways, and perhaps I will join the rest of the world with these things soon, probably when NO ONE, not even “your parents” uses them anymore. 😛 Any hoo, needless to say, not a huge fan of malls, so I have never even seen a Lush store or have really had a chance to experience the hype of their products. – Though I have seen a couple of cool things of theirs featured on Buzzfeed and such. Yes Buzzfeed is new to me just last year too. Im in my early 30’s BTW in case you were wondering. (Going on 100 it seems, does anybody else love to eat dinner at 3pm?)

So my friend / coworker Laure is still preggers and has yet to drop her shorty, resulting in her not being able to enjoy a bath hotter than her body temp. Safety first girl, I like it, especially since I get swag out of the deal as she cant use certain things for a time. Enter these delightful little Lush solidified bath oil thingies she handed me one day at the office.


Being to busy at home of late to eat anything than a quicker open sandwich standing in my kitchen, I scarf it down and approach my awaiting tub. My sanctuary, I suffer from body wide chronic pain and could live in a hot bath, so I was really looking forward to this cute shaped little treat.


Yes I have a cocktail too, it’s the Carnivores and Vegans way. I, my friends will not be eating / drinking for 2 anytime soon. (I actually have no fallopian tubes due to endometriosis, so the cocktails are here to stay)

I fill the tub with relaxing, hot steamy water, the gift of life 🙂 and plop that little sucker in as I lean back and catch up on Season 4 of Reign and sip my drink.

It doesn’t melt right away, even after a bit of swishing, but probably would after a few minutes as it comes to temp. Here is a closer look at it, Mango Scented is what she thinks this one was. Hard to tell with my fun fun allergies.


One of my other awesome and fun features in life is that I am incredibly impatient, like those old school Tootsie Roll Pop commercials with Mr. Owl or Mr. Turtle. “How many licks does it take to get to the center? – Well lets see, 1, 2, CRUNCH. 3 it takes 3 licks to get to the center.” – Within seconds I was holding the helpless little bath bomb in my hand and squishing it. Felt kind like smushing something with the texture of a Lindt truffle. Hey it melted it instantly then, and I was able to resume by boozing it up and watching the boob tube.

Wow was it oily! Even more so, than my usual grapseed oil soak.  – I typically use Grapeseed oil in every bath, a teaspoon or so, and even in the Texas heat, or dry inside air from the winter the grapeseed oil keeps my formerly scaly skin really nourished and soft. However, Grapeseed oil does leave it’s presence on tub with oil built up on the sides when the tub drains. – This was true for my little bath bomb friend as well. I actually like the oily sides, I just wipe my tub out, end to end and the oil keeps it really clean as it doesn’t not allow to the dirt to build up with hard water, soap, etc and fuse to the tub. Any yuckyness slides off with the oil and leaves a sparkly tub every time. The bath bomb also melted pretty clear all things considered and didn’t turn my spa time into something reminiscent of a murky pool from a B level horror movie.


All in all, I cant wait to try Lush again, and am looking forward to hopefully save up some side cash soon to check out their website!

Happy relaxing folks!


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