Late night Dinner at Vincent’s

Brief Overview

Food & Pricing: Go for the Olive oil dip and have some more carb laden delights while you are there. Food was decent quality Italian, typical from the locally owned Carrabba / Mandola family establishments. The small plates we enjoyed on this visit did not disappoint us, but I would have to try more there to really give an accurate review. – Pricing is approx $$ – $$$.

Parking: They do have their own free lot, with ample spaces.

Patio: Plenty of patio seating, do not believe it is dog friendly.

Service and Cleanliness: For 9pm to closing it was pretty clean, some places are trashed by then. And even as the last people in and out, we were treated just fine.

Take out: Offered, they put the bolognaise we got to go for my roomie in a round foil tin with a clear lid (He said it was ok), not leak proof if you are clumsy like me, but it got the job done. Our dessert, which I left all with Dru and did not try, was better packaged in a sturdy black plastic box, with a hinge top clear lid. So no Styrofoam at least, that’s always a plus.

Now on to the review.

We wandered here for a pretty late dinner (9pm) on a Monday evening and while lovely outside, we opted to dine inside for a change.

Amidst the rustic cozy interior, we enjoyed cocktails, a Negroni (Or something similar, as our server advised that could not do a negroni) and a grapefruit / mint concoction if I remember correctly. With some crisp, mineral Aqua Panna to wash it all down.

vincents drinks

As with many Italian joints, no vegan options on the menu, unless you want salad. There are at least a few vegetarian options, but mostly standard meatless pasta & sauce dishes. But hey, I was there for Italian food more so than a vegetable plate today, so this suited me just fine. 🙂

Here is a brief shot of the menu.

vincents menu

As we often do, we opted to share a few random small plates.

Not pictured is the Mista Salad. – (Mixed greens, artichoke, roasted peppers, almonds, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette) – Yum, it didn’t last long.

We also had the side, a rather large one, of the Fettuccine Alfredo. – (I know, not the healthiest choice, even typing the dish makes my waistline seem to expand) – This was also delicious. Dru devoured it during one of my passionate tirades about something, and I barely got a bite!

But prior to that, we did start of with the Aglio Arrosto – (Oven roasted whole garlic, creamy cambozola cheese, warm home baked focaccia) – Under the bread section of the menu for 13.00! Being carb addicts we had to try it.

And since we had checked healthy eating at the door, we had the Fried Mozzarella with Tomato Basil Sauce right along with it.

food vincents

The bread plate was great. Dru also stole most of the garlic. Remind me to kick him later for the dinner time thievery. Ha, actually it’s usually me to devour everything in sight if you aren’t quick enough so I guess it was his turn.

The fried mozzarella, was as expected. And while only 02 pieces, they are large and were served nice and hot.

I also fell deeply in love with the oil dip on the table. Instead of salty dried herbs (which I don’t turn down) or just garlic and fresh herbs, you are met with a light and refreshing mix of fresh herbs, pitted olive pieces, and finely diced veggies (carrot, cauliflower, and either cucumber or zucchini, couldn’t tell) swimming in that heaven. I could, and will soon, go back just to get to enjoy that.

Service was also polite and attentive, even if we were the last ones there that late on a Monday evening.

I am looking forward to gaining a couple of pounds here again. 🙂

– N


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