Weekday Lunch at Bernadine’s

Brief Overview

Food & Pricing: So far, I have only had lunch, most sandwiches were around 16.00 the entrées not much more, with the exception of a couple of 29.00 items. See menus at the bottom of the post. The cocktails & wine seemed really reasonable to me. – Quality and execution are fine, however, only a couple of vegetarian options, modified salads would be the vegan option.

Parking: They have a nice sized on site lot, with Free Valet, we were also able to Self Park.

Patio: Nice spacious patio, with heaters for cold weather! – No Dogs allowed I believe. – No covering’s over the tables, so bring your sun glasses.

Service and Cleanliness: Service was great and very professional, our server didn’t even comment on the huge glop of remoulade on my shirt. – Patio was clean, we didn’t go inside past being seated.

Take out: Offered. See photo below on the review, our server even labeled and dated our leftovers!

Now on to the Review

Dru and I are always looking for a good place nearby his casa in the Studewood / Heights area to grab a bite. – I moved from the Galleria out to Manvel last year, and the food both in Manvel and the neighboring Pearland area are to our *personal* tastes unacceptable. Yes if you are a carnivore, such as Dru or my Roomie Josh, there are the various Killen’s, yet in near a year neither have opted to try it so the appeal must not be that strong, and certainly vegetarians such as myself and our vegan friends are quite left out. All that is left are chain restaurants, and the occasional independently owned joint that again lack vegan/veggie options and fall short of expectations overall. Also, most establishments out there are sans patio.

Enter us grabbing a bite near Oak Forest at Bernadine’s last month. The weather was windy, overcast, and clammy, so we had the nice roomy patio all to ourselves. Which is preferred for many reasons, but especially so when you are the millennial smack in the middle of a weekday lunch photographing every item that hits the table. – Note they also have heaters out for cooler temps, a big plus for me as I am patio diner all the way unless it’s just impossible.

We started out with French 75’s and he had Oysters. (Gulf Oysters as there were recommended to us over the East Coast.) They came out with a Mignonette sauce, Cocktail sauce, and hot sauce, but no crackers.


 Here is another shot of the oysters if you are into that sort of thing 🙂 – They must have been good even with out the crackers as they were quickly slurped down with no complaints.


We also shared the Fall Salad (Herirloom Carrot, Cauliflower, Sage Aioli, Pickled Apple & Kohlrabi, Kale & Peacn Pistou), we were attended by the bartender, and he knowing we were sharing, nicely split all our plates with us having to ask. I took a couple of pics, as you can see, not only was this salad delicious, earthy, and healthy but quite photogenic! (Maybe vegan without the Aioli?) I would get it again, and with all the fibrous veggies, even half of it was very filling, were the full salad to be the only item I ordered for myself I would have likely had some leftover.



We then, only wanting to snack, split the Fried Green Tomato Po-Boy with Fries and a side of the Pickled Fried Okra.


I liked it, the dressing on the Po-Boy was a bit sweet for my taste, dry with a squeeze a lemon would have been more suited to my preferences. – The Pickled Okra was nice too, but I think I would also personally prefer fresh / standard fried Okra. It was served with a pinkish colored remoulade type sauce, I for the whimsy asked for some Ranch to go with, however, this is a “Chef doesn’t do Ranch” kinda joint.

On to dessert. Trendy and Hipster fo sho. It was down to the Purple Potato Pie (Or did they say yam? Eh, same diff) or the Butternut Squash and Sage Crème Brulee. We, being large Crème Brulee fans opted to go that route.

bernadines dessert

It was okay, I would for sure go for the Purple pie next time. Lovely in the photo, however, the plate it is served in is very shallow resulting in a very thin, large disc of custard. After trying this plating of the dish, I prefer the traditional type of ramekin resulting in a thicker / taller layer of custard. The fried sage leaves were lovely, but the marinated squash bits and such retained a quite firm fruit cup pear type texture that didn’t compliment the soft custard well, to toothy and chewy maybe? – We also had a lot left of which we had scooped into a small container for snacking later.

Our bartender friend was also nice enough to box up our fried okra and label and date it! Nice touch! – As well as having compact non Styrofoam packaging for small items.

bernadines to go packaging



While not perfect, I really enjoyed Bernadine’s and look forward to going back soon. Below are the food and drink menus so you can see what else they have to offer. I love the local shout out with the I-10 platter!

See ya next time! – N





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