Lunch at Houston’s on Kirby

Brief Overview

Food & Pricing: The food is great, go eat, you will be very happy you did 🙂 – Not cheap! But not the most expensive, while a plate may be 30.00 it does come with sides, so you don’t have deal with a la carte steak house pricing. Meal sized salads are approx. 20.00 & Burgers are 17.00

Parking: Valet, never used it honestly, believe its free. They have a huge parking lot, front half is valet, the other half is self parking.

Patio: There is a nice roofed over patio, with added shade from trees, nice and relaxing. No dogs allowed. Drinks and food need to be ordered at the bar, just let them know you will be outside. Tables are small tops and not full sized, and seat 4.

Service & Cleanliness: Top notch on both.

Take Out: They used to prefer not to do take out, unless you show up in person. Things may have changed or they may take your call in order any way. They use small cardboard box packaging that latches up top, and thick black single compartment containers with clear lids. (No yucky Styrofoam, or cheap packaging)

Now on to the review.

I somewhat recently had the pleasure of getting to enjoy a lunch at the Houston’s on Kirby. If I am in the mood for damn near perfect food and service this is one of my go to’s. (You will not be disappointed by the Westiemer location either.)

Dru and I were meeting one of my co-workers and her husband who happen to be new to the H, and we figured what better place to take them our namesake? Laure loves chicken tenders and this is a great place to go for them, not to mention the ribs, of which Dru had been salivating for at the mere mention of where we were headed.

As we awaited their arrival we sat down on the blissfully empty, and quite lovely patio. Shaded by tree branches on a day of perfect weather, sipping Hendricks martini’s and enjoying the Rosemary Foccacia from the menu, we didn’t mind at all that they were a bit delayed. – Note, you have to order at the bar for patio service, and the tables are small / mini round tops and not full sized.


Once our party was complete we made our way inside and were quickly seated in the back bar after informing the hostess. Houston’s boasts a pretty damn good hostess staff, they are usually on point, keep the restaurant fairly clean (no bus boys here) and are always extremely professional and polite. The young lady who took care us of this time in the bar area did a pretty good job.

Dru of course, ordered the Knife and Fork Ribs, you really cannot eat these with your hands, I have seen people try and it gets pretty carnal.

houstons ribs 2

Paired with colseslaw and french fries unless you desire otherwise. They use only Grade A Danish ribs, which seems to be working for them, since every pork eater I know that has had them cant wait to go back for more. The shoestrings fries are twice cooked and always light, seasoned, and crispy. Albeit a bit sloppy on the plating this go round, the cole slaw is never drowned in mayo and can be counted on to have maintained a crunchy texture.

Our companions were enjoying burgers. – Houston’s has a few items that they are very well known for and the burgers nestled between in house made buns are no exception, pricey though they may be.

Each served with Fries, she had the California and he had the Hickory burger. ( California burger: Jack cheese, avocado, arugula, red onion, mustard honey – Hickory burger: Applewood smoked bacon, grated cheddar, onion, hickory sauce ) – Both of them said the burgers were great as was the chicken tender basket (off menu) enjoyed as an appetizer.

I started out with a Traditional Salad, no bacon. Blue Cheese and the Vinaigrette Dressing’s on the side. This is my absolute favorite salad of all time, an in house mix of lettuces, the textures are amazing, and the salad is just simply delicious. The blue cheese dressing is awesome, but better back when it was more of a vinaigrette style. The Vinaigrette is also yummy, as are all the in house made dressings, even the thousand island. I seriously dig this little salad.

I then further indulged with the Vegetable plate. (Off menu)

houstons veg plate

It is always a real toss up in life for me to get this or the Veggie burger. This is healthier,  so I usually go to the dark side and find my self slathering mayo on the Veggie burger. Either way it’s Yass Queen! 😛  – The veggie plate is beautiful and I savored every delicious bite. This is not the type of place that does excellent proteins and lack luster sides, I even crave the cabbage from here. While not vegan, accommodations/substitutions can be made. The good thing about the veggie plate over the burger is that it travels and re-heats much better as an awesome lunch the next day.

We had a nice bottle of Rose (Miraval Rosé ’14 – Provence) for under 40.00 to wash things down, followed by a couple of Jack Rabbits (Herradura Reposado, Campari, and Fresh Grapefruit Juice) just because. Both are recommended, particularity the wine for the price point. The bartender also made Laure a Grapefruit / mint / club soda type mocktail that she really enjoyed.

We  ended things with an apple cobbler, this is my to go to dessert here. Ice cream on the side. ( Just not a fan of ice cream on my hot desserts, personal quirk ) Delicious as always.

I honestly cannot wait to come back here and have more things to review. Typing this has seriously made me hungry.

  • – N

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