Heights Outing – Volume 2 – Cafeza

Brief Overview

Food & Pricing: Light and fresh for what was ordered. Well seasoned, and not giant portions. Quality was fine as well. – Very easy on the wallet, see the menu at the bottom of the post. Many items are about 8.00.

Parking: Small amount of limited spaces in the lot behind the building, street parking there after.

Patio: There is a small handful of patio tables ringing the restaurant. – No covering’s, wear sunscreen and bring your shades. Ladies in shorts / skirts, the chairs may hurt the back of your legs after sitting for a while. I usually try to have a hoodie or magazine to sit on in these situations.

Service & Cleanliness: Mixed, all 20 something’s in age, the young lady there that day was very pleasant. The 2 young Gentleman seemed very disinterested in being engaging, almost aloof. No one knew about check in coupon, a bit of an ordeal with that. – Did not check out the bathrooms, but the front of house and parking lot was clean.

Take out: Available, but did not get anything to go (Just a teeny plastic cup of chorizo), so I cannot vouch for the packaging here. Looked like they also use those little brown boxes that close over top.

Now on to the review.

Hello again!

Today’s reviews take place again yet in the Heights. (Well actually First ward off Houston Ave and Crockett, but pretty dang close to the heights area) – Yes, the heights is over-gentrified and certainly bougey, but my bestie lives out there, so I have learned to make the best of the worst. Typically the execution of the food out in the Heights, much like the tax bracket, can at times be more than a bit over-priced and over-rated.

I have only visited Cafeza once so far, but for that solo attempt I feel for now at least, that  I have found a new hidden gem. 🙂 When you walk  in they even have tempting pastries to greet you!

pastries 2

The back entrance off the parking lot looks a bit sketch, but worth it to take a walk through that door and head inside.


On to the food, we really enjoyed both dishes!

Only wanting a light snack, we split the chorizo tacos with the chorizo on the side. – (Pan fried chorizo, potato, egg, queso fresco, & cilantro lime crema.)

food 2

The tacos were on mini palm sized corn tortillas and tasted delicious. No undercooked potatoes or overcooked eggs. 🙂 The avocado in the photo was an add on per my request, and next to it is the chorizo that we ordered on the side. There was enough chorizo for me to take the rest home to make my roommate a couple of breakfast tacos the next day.

We also had a Veggie Enchilada Empanada.

emp 11emp 22

It was nice to be able to get a Empanada anywhere! So many places only have fillings that contain meat or seafood. It was tasty, however, we were almost done with the tacos by the time the empanada finally hit. Took a bit of the polish of it since we getting full at that point. It had a soft veggie filling with an enchilada sauce taste. – I would like to try the other veggie option, Black Bean & Potato on my next visit.

I decided to wash it down with a glass of white wine, yes it was well before noon, I also had a glass of their delightful, made to order loose leaf tea blends over ice as well. Both we great, however, I do not however remember the name of either. – Also due to a Yelp check in that was available at the time, we enjoyed a free steam punk coffee, cold or hot. We opted for cold and it was fabulous! It was so light and smooth it was almost like drinking a light iced tea, there was no hint of bitterness in this cold coffee (left image below, right is the tea) what so ever.

bevs 2

The lady working register was  a delight to deal with, the guys making coffee and such seemed a little too cool for school hipster douchey tbh.

The morning menu is served during breakfast hours only, which I forgot to ask that they specify what those hours were, with the afternoon and evening menu then taking over. They do serve the churros and empanadas all day, I am really looking forward to going back to try a churro!!

menu 2

We highly recommend giving this pace a go. Vegans however may be limited to salads and fresh fruit.

Until next time!

  • -N

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