A day Downtown- Discovery Green Super bowl festivities

Hello I’m, Dru, and this is my first post on Carnivores and Vegans. – (I am typically the carnivore counterpart)

It’s that time of the year again.  We are one month into the year and that means the super bowl is upon us.  This year the NFL has decided to host it in my beloved town Houston, Texas.

sb pic a 2

With all the activities going on around town, it was only a matter of time before some friends and I decided to check out the NFL Experience at Discovery Green.  Once we arrived downtown I knew parking was going to be a big issue.  After about fifteen minutes driving around we finally settled on a parking garage five blocks from the park.  Ten dollars in and we hadn’t even arrived at the event yet.  A good ten minute brisk walk and we finally made it to our destination.

To be expected security was tight and there were long lines to get in.  Once in we were amazed by all the banners, media stages, and artwork everywhere.  Needless to say the city did a very good job at putting this all together.

sb pic c 2


Since we are the space capital of the world a big theme for this super bowl is space.  They had many exhibits  to educate yourself with.  One of the most impressive was a replica of the James Webb Space telescope.  This telescope was so large they had to display it on the outskirts of the park.

super 2

There was a wonderful young lady on standby that answered all of our questions. To anyone in town this week I highly recommend checking out Discovery green.


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