Heights Outing Volume 1. – Good Dog Hot Dogs

Brief Overview

Food & Pricing: Awesome tasting, Vegan, GF, and Vegetarian Friendly in addition to the meat based menu.- Great for a cheap date night or casual meal. Hot Dogs are approx. 8 bucks, with Entree’s ranging from aprox 11.00-14.00.

Parking: They have their own *small* lot, other than that it will be street parking.

Patio: 2x dog friendly patios. They will bring your pup water.

Service & Cleanliness: Counter service, in my experience always friendly and rarely any human error issues. – So far always nice and tidy!

Take Out: Available. Note, Hot Dogs are packaged in cardboard  boxes, if you order more than 1 dog to go, they will package them together, so let them know if you want each dog boxed up separately.

Now to the review:

Welcome to my first blog post! Today we are featuring Good Dog Hot Dogs in the Heights area of town. (Studewood Street.)

This was a recent lazy weekend in January, with an unwelcome chill in the air. (It’s Texas yo.) Not wanting to cook, and desiring the comfort of an old stand by, it was off to Studewood street in the Heights to visit Good Dog Hot Dogs.

If you are not familiar with Good Dog, they were one of the pioneers of the Houston food truck scene, and it was not long before their success, and delicious in house made condiments, evolved into a brick and mortar building. Which happens to have not only 1, but 2 dog friendly patios!

good-dog-patio-and-drinks 2

Good Dog also looks out for our feral feline friends in the area, which makes me a patron for life on that alone, way to go Good Dog!!


good-dog-cat-shelter 2

Onto the food, my dining companion had the Chilling Dog (Beef and Chorizo Chilli, pickled jalapenos, diced onion & short bus mustard), whilst I enjoyed the Texican Dog (Refried black beans, oaxaxa cheese, avocado, pickled jalapeno, crème fresh cilantro, cumin & lime) made veggie with a Tofu Dog. – We split a large order of fresh cut fries to round it out.

good-dog-food-pic 2

As always, everything was delicious stuffed into a buttery locally sourced Slow Dough bun. My companion loves the Chillin Dog here, and if he is only getting one hot dog on a visit this one is it. A bit greasy from the chorizo in the chilli, but full of warming flavor, and the onions & jalapenos cut the fat nicely. – The Texican Dog is delightful, a nice balance with all the fresh toppings and well seasoned with a nice sized Tofu Pup under it all. (Some veggie dogs can be tiny, and these are a good size.)

We have, over many visits, have had every Hot Dog item on the menu, and I cannot think of a single one that I would not recommend, which is really rare for me actually. – The Hot Dogs are so good, we have not made it to the entrées yet! It’s nice to have a goal tho 🙂

Service is at the counter, there is also a bar top dining inside. Craft bottle and draft beers as well as Texas wine are available if you are in the mood to imbibe. The staff has always been courteous and prompt.

While vegetarians will be quite welcome here, vegans would be left out, and will have to opt for the ole “Garden Salad, no meat / no dairy” stand by. – Aside from some of the entrée salads, this may not also be the best place if you are GF or Paleo.

*** Vegan update – To not sell Good Dog short on the vegan options, I reached out to them in regards to vegan availability and they have advised ***

“We absolutely have vegan options!  Our buns are not vegan as they are made with eggs, but our tofu dogs are vegan.  What most customers try is our bun-less hot dogs served over a bed of our house chips, house fries or mixed greens.  We make all of our hot dogs to order, so any of our Signature Dogs Tofu style can be customized to your liking.  We’ve had some long-time customers that will also bring their own buns, too.  We will prepare them the same way we do our challah buns.”

*** So at least there are some more options than just another salad if you are vegan, and gluten free customers could also bring their own buns which would open up the menu considerably if you are a gluten free meat eater. ***

I suggest you give Good Dog a try if you have not been there yet, its a great place to people (and puppy) watch in the Heights. There are also so plenty of things to do near by, and many are locally owned and operated businesses. – You may also make a new friend while you are there!


– N

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