Ode to the Northside – Spanish Flower Review

Brief Overview: Food & Pricing: Comfort food all the way, but not overly greasy. Very tasty! – Most expensive dish is approx. 21.00 with the rest being well under. – See more details below, not a great place for vegans & vegetarians. Parking: Ample free parking onsite. + Street parking but I have never needed it.… Continue reading Ode to the Northside – Spanish Flower Review

Late night Dinner at Vincent’s

Brief Overview Food & Pricing: Go for the Olive oil dip and have some more carb laden delights while you are there. Food was decent quality Italian, typical from the locally owned Carrabba / Mandola family establishments. The small plates we enjoyed on this visit did not disappoint us, but I would have to try more… Continue reading Late night Dinner at Vincent’s

Lunch in Oak Forest – Govinda’s

Brief Overview Food & Pricing: Very fresh and light for Indian. All Vegetarian, and so many vegan options. I loved it, and wish Govdinda’s was there when my mom first moved to the area when I was a new vegetarian in the early 90’s. – The buffet is under 12 dollars a person. Parking: Free Parking in the… Continue reading Lunch in Oak Forest – Govinda’s

Heights Outing – Volume 2 – Cafeza

Brief Overview Food & Pricing: Light and fresh for what was ordered. Well seasoned, and not giant portions. Quality was fine as well. – Very easy on the wallet, see the menu at the bottom of the post. Many items are about 8.00. Parking: Small amount of limited spaces in the lot behind the building,… Continue reading Heights Outing – Volume 2 – Cafeza