Yurt, Yurt, Yurt it Up Y’all – A Stay in the Tehachapi Mountains

So it is not every day that I get to say Y’all and Yurt in the the same sentence and I am diggin it not gonna lie. – Real talk, I could use some of that Yurt life right now. I mean views like this are all you get really. – Fresh mountain air, the… Continue reading Yurt, Yurt, Yurt it Up Y’all – A Stay in the Tehachapi Mountains


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Snack Time at Cosa Buona, Los Angeles

Briefest of Overviews Food & Pricing: A small, but not overly so Italian menu. Smaller plates, a few salads and pizzas. – There is nothing Vegan specific on the menu but with the ingredients in house I am sure they can accommodate you. – Small plates are mostly under 10.00 and everything else is around the… Continue reading Snack Time at Cosa Buona, Los Angeles

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LAX on a Budget – Pepe’s

Briefest of Overviews: Food & Pricing: You can get a burger for 2.69! And for the price the food is decent for sure. Parking: Tiny shopping center (Centinela) shared with a liquor store and I think another business. There may be like 5 or 6 spots in the whole place. Definitely a downside, but I enjoy Pepe’s… Continue reading LAX on a Budget – Pepe’s

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Egg Slut Quicke – Beverly Hills Area

Briefest of Overviews Food & Pricing: Very limited fast casual menu, so not pricey at all, particularly for the area.- Though the menu is small, they do what they do very well. Downside, while vegetarian friendly, not really accommodating for vegans. Parking: Garage Patio: Nope, the restaurant itself is quite small, maybe a bit smaller… Continue reading Egg Slut Quicke – Beverly Hills Area

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Sqirl – Los Angeles – Hell Yeaaaahhhh

Food & Pricing: Eh, fair for the food, no doubts on that… But do not expect a greasy spoon priced breakfast either – remember you get what you pay for folks! Keep in mind however, after waiting in line, after walking to the eatery from where you parked in the heat; a perfectly brewed and lightly… Continue reading Sqirl – Los Angeles – Hell Yeaaaahhhh


Beverly Hills, That’s Where I Want to Be

So Josh and I went on a 9 day trip recently. – It even sounds surreal to say honestly, I feel very fortunate to have been able to step away that long. We only spent one day in the Los Angeles area of California; a small Airbnb in the Beverly Hills / Santa Monica Area.… Continue reading Beverly Hills, That’s Where I Want to Be

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Good Dog Hot Dogs – Again! ** Updated

Sue me okay? My dogs and I freakin love it here. (It may be my favorite place in Houston to eat) The staff since the food truck days have always been beyond friendly and the hot dogs are the (Yeah I just said that) – Vegans bring your buns and have the cashier guide… Continue reading Good Dog Hot Dogs – Again! ** Updated


Mr. Mamas – Another Quickie Review

Mr. Mamas is another breakfast and lunch spot that is off of the stip in Las Vegas. – And it certainly will put a smile on your face. If you are looking for excellently prepared comforting breakfast classics this is the right spot. – Popular with both locals and tourists, you can also expect to… Continue reading Mr. Mamas – Another Quickie Review